Dodgers: 10 Pitchers LA Could Trade For, the Case for Scherzer or Castillo

With the MLB trade deadline coming up at the end of the month, we throw out 10 starting pitchers the Dodgers could trade for to help fortify their starting rotation.

Statistically, LA boasts one of MLB’s best starting staffs this season, but with Dustin May out for the year and the growing uncertainty of Trevor Bauer moving forward, it could make sense for NL West heavyweights to add another starter.

In part 1 of this two-part series, we take a deep dive into some potential starting pitchers that could target including Max Scherzer, Luis Castillo, Sonny Gray, Matthew Boyd, and Tyler Anderson.


With the deadline less than 30 days away, the Dodgers find themselves in a precarious situation. For the first time in a long time, the starting pitching depth is being significantly tested. On the farm, LA’s top pitching prospect Josiah Gray has made only one start this season and is currently working his way back from a shoulder impingement.

What would you hope to see the Dodgers do at this deadline?

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  1. We have needed another quality arm starting wise since May became injured and Bauer’s situation isn’t helping either.The Brass already know they need to pull a good deal off notwithstanding the moves of the Padres and Giants. Sooner in the Month than later.Just don’t rush a deal and come up short.

  2. Better get another SP to replace Bauer, who incidentally is more of an a hole than most gave him credit for. He’s toast and Dodgers should get the $ back and invest in a class act, not a clown who happens to be able to throw a baseball. And yeah yeah, innocent till proven guilty. She threw out the hook and he bit. Pathetic! Wonder if he did the sword thing after knocking her unconscious

    • I agree. I mean it feels a whole lot like she lured him into that mess. But, even if that is the case, he is an idiot for falling for that set up. So best case he is an idiot who can’t control himself and fell for an obvious set up, worst case it went down exactly like she said and he lost control and hurt her way beyond what is reasonable in a “rough” sex situation. Either way, it’s not looking good for him and I’m guessing he won’t be back.

      We need at LEAST 1 starter. I would feel much better with 2. May going down and now Bauer gone is a disaster in terms of our run for another title. I also have a strange feeling Urias is going to get hurt or be limited to relief for some reason. We need 2.

  3. The Dodgers Ego’s are all so inflated they will fall. They are putting so much emphasis their wonderful 60 game world series win where that played the same 10 teams all year, not playing the other 20. The only player worth anything in that team is Puljos. He has class and is to good for them. This year their not doing as well as easily as last year because if the competition they actually have. Go Giants or Padres Don’t care which

  4. Setting aside the fact that you can’t even spell Pujols or their, our main competition last year were the Giants and the Padres, same as this year, and after we beat them we beat the winners of the other NL divisions and the winner of the AL, so suck a ?, Gnats or Pads fan who doesn’t care which. Any of the Dodgers has more class than the entire Padres team.

      • We give up Zack McKinstry and Pollock for a Scherzer quality starter and one of their top prospects or a high pick. We have enough bats that we can give up some of them for one more top starter. If they don’t go for guys like that then we have to face the music and give up a guy like Will Smith (hate to say that). Honestly, I’d probably give up Bellinger before I gave up Smith. I feel like Belli is never going to find anywhere near his MVP numbers again…

        • I know Belli is a hit or miss offensively, but his defense is Gold Glove caliber where he has saved many outs, extra bases, and home runs. With his speed, he covers more ground than anybody else and adds to the run game which the Dodgers rarely have. His swing can be fixed w/ the right coaching. Wash. lost Schwarber for a while and need OF help, maybe might go for Pollock and Z Mck. / or Beaty.