Dodgers: 2 Fans Storm the Field and Interrupt a Very Good Game

Don’t be this guy. Every year, there are a handful of Dodgers fans that decide it would be a good time to storm the field and cause a massive delay. We’re here to tell you that it’s definitely not worth the cost that comes along with it. 

Not only will it cost you legal ramifications, but it could also mess up your home team. The Dodgers were on defense on Wednesday night in Los Angles when 2 fans with signs stormed the field at the same time. It came when Alex Vesia was dealing and setting guys down. 

After the Dodgers security got the 2 fans handled, Vesia went back to work. He ended up hitting Pavin Smith with a pitch in that at-bat and was promptly removed from the game. You can’t just blame the fans, but his rhythm was almost certainly thrown off by the delay. 

All of that to say, don’t be those guys. The Dodgers are trying to win a division title, and I promise you that running out onto the field in the middle of the game isn’t worth it. Especially when the security lays an NFL contract-worthy hit on you. 

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The Dodgers are off today while they head out to Cincinatti to take on the Reds. It’s a HUGE series with all sorts of playoff implications as the Reds are vying for a Wild Card spot. 

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  1. Unfortunately, giving them any publicity, even if you don’t name them, only encourages more idiots to act similarly in the future. That’s why the TV broadcast tries to ignore “incursions” as much as possible.