Dodgers: 2B Michael Busch Named to the Prospect Team of the Week

It was a good week for Dodgers prospects in the final days of May. Luke Raley was named the Triple-A player of the week for the western division after a monster couple of games, including a 3-homerun feat.

Michael Busch is the number 3 prospect in the Dodgers system and fans better get to know his name now. Busch is expected to make a contribution at the big league level by 2022 thanks in part to his impressive hitting ability. 

Busch was named to the Prospect Team of the Week on Monday after putting up some big numbers. The Dodgers prospect slashed .318/.444/.636 in 5 games with Double-A Tulsa, driving in 3 runs and going deep once. 

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Busch has cranked up the power this year with 6 long balls in 23 games. The most he hit in college was 16 in 65 games during his 2019 season in the ACC. If he can continue to hit for average and add in the power, he could be up with the Dodgers very soon.

Busch also adds to the intrigue of free agency this coming offseason. He’s a guy they think they can rely on to take over a position long-term, but he still has to get there. The Dodgers have Gavin Lux over at second for the moment, but the pending free agency of Corey Seager could also change that.

Could the availability of Busch change the Dodgers approach to free agency? Only time will tell. 

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  1. If Seager and his well known agent Boras look for a Tatis or Linder type contract the Dodgers should decline. Seager’s defense his lack of range and history of injury should make anyone hesitate at a huge contract.
    Lux’s success lately and the emergence of prospects like Busch should also make the Dodgers play hardball. A new contract with Seager should agree to play him at 3rd.