The MLB offseason is a welcome opportunity for players to step away from the dugout and the stadium to spend time with their loved ones. While some players may fully unplug and put down their gloves and bats, many other players fully subscribe to the “no days off” philosophy.

Of course, there are ways to go about no days off while still having some fun.

Thus enters Dodgers all-star third baseman Justin Turner, who provided fans with the early “tweet of the month” for January.

I guess by this point in time, you would need to be living under a rock to not have watched or at least heard of the Netflix original “Bird Box”. (Editor’s note: I still haven’t watched it).

JT took the opportunity to create a challenge that some baseball players could get behind, but we warn you to probably not try this at home.

Taking some blindfolded hacks, Turner swung and missed on several pitches, but he finally connected on a shot… that undeniably would have been a ground out to shortstop.

Nevertheless, it was a fun exercise at a time where news is churning slow in Dodgers nation.

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