Dodgers: A New Justin Turner Suitor Has Emerged in the Milwaukee Brewers

Add the Brewers to the list of teams in on JT.

Another day, another Justin Turner rumor that does not feature him returning to the Dodgers. This time, Jon Heyman revealed that there is another mystery team that is in on JT that had not been previously revealed. 

Heyman reported that the Milwaukee Brewers are one of the 2 mystery teams that have an interest in signing Turner. A report had already come out this week that there were 4 teams in on JT, with the Dodgers and Blue Jays being 2 of them. 

The Brewers emerging as one of the mystery teams today is interesting for a lot of reasons. The Brew Crew just cut ties with Ryan Braun by turning down his option for 2021, ending a 14-year run with Milwaukee. The Brewers will obviously miss that right-handed veteran presence, and JT could provide that. The Dodgers certainly know what he brings to the table in a postseason run in addition to everything he does throughout the year. 

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The Brewers have roughly $85 million in payroll commitments for the 2021 season, almost $20 million less than the previous year. Adding Turner in would likely get them back up near that mark once again, but probably slightly below that figure. As of now, it’s unclear if Turner would leave the Dodgers for anything less than a 4-year offer. 

Then again, the Brewers having significant roster turnover should probably make them wary of signing an aging infielder to a contract of 4 years. Regardless, the Dodgers are not likely to match that offer if any team decides to give it to him.


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  1. As much as I love JT for his play, leadership and contribution to the community, I must agree with the Dodgers that 4 years is too long. I don’t fault JT for trying to get it, but, the Dodgers should float 3 years to him.

    • This is dragging on way too long. If Turner indeed has a three-year guaranteed offer from someone else, he should take it. Otherwise the Dodgers need to man up with a 2 year guaranteed offer with a 3rd year based on performance benchmarks. Both Toronto and Seimen are off the infield market now, the Dodgers and Turner are running out of “options” unless the Ds want to make a trade with the Cubs or Rockies, which will end up being more expensive in prospects than just cutting Turner a check for a couple of years.