Dave Roberts told reports before the game on Wednesday that Adrian Gonzalez has been shut down for the remainder of the season. As a huge fan of Adrian Gonzalez, personally, this was tough pill to swallow.

Roberts did not 100% rule out Gonzalez making an appearance in the postseason, but noted that it would take a “major injury.”

David Vassegh of AM570 caught up with Gonzalez before the game and they talked about the injury and what it means moving forward.

Here are some of the highlights:

My whole career I’ve always put playing hurt ahead of anything else… This year obviously hasn’t gone the way I expected it to or wanted it to… It’s not the ideal situation but I think its the best decision.

Im not retiring… I’m going to focus on getting right, getting my body right for next year so I can be healthy next year and be able to play every day.

It’s great in one sense that I’ve never been on the DL until this year, but you know being on the DL is also not the best thing. You have to come and put in all of this work just to watch a game… It feels a little more like an offseason.

It’s going to be a very straightforward, back-oriented offseason… There won’t be any movements that are not under control.

When you have guys that are healthy out there and are going to be able to contribute in a way that maybe I wouldn’t be able to… You got to support that.

Check out the full interview here.

Losing Adrian Gonzalez is huge, even with his struggles this season. He is a leader in the clubhouse and him going 2-4 on Tuesday with a home run and a double shows that he still has a ton of life left in that bat. Hopefully, like he said, he can focus on getting healthy in the offseason and make a strong comeback in 2018!

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