Dodgers: After Another Solid Start, Tony Gonsolin Isn’t Going Anywhere

Expect to see a lot more of Tony Gonsolin in 2020.

Tony Gonsolin showed up for the Dodgers in another big way on Wednesday against the Padres. Facing the possibility of a series loss, Tony shut down San Diego for 4.2 innings and had a career-high in strikeouts.  

That performance came just a few weeks after Gonsolin pitched 4 shutout innings in Arizona back in July. So naturally, Dodgers fans started to wonder why Tony Gonsolin isn’t on the big league squad permanently. 

And it’s a fair question, given that Gonsolin has certainly earned the opportunity for more innings. Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts talked about Gonsolin several times this week though, and it doesn’t sound like he’s leaving anytime soon. 

We talked about performance certainly matters and what he does for the rest of the rotation as far as giving potential off days, which he’s done with his two starts. Right now, we don’t have him penciled in for a start day. In looking at the next two to three days, things could change as far as where we’re at in the [bullpen]. But if all stays according to plan, the idea of him getting another start does make some sense.

The Dodgers appear to be keeping him around as an assurance for the starting rotation, for now. Alex Wood is on his way back but still seems to be a ways off in his rehab. Los Angeles could also utilize Gonsolin out of the bullpen should they opt to keep Wood in the rotation. Roberts also admitted that was highly beneficial to the team.

Things can happen and to have his length potentially, we don’t want to put him in a box yet. If we don’t have to call on him, he’ll certainly make a start next week. 

Whatever role he is in, it appears Tony Gonsolin is going to be up with the Dodgers big league team for a while. And for a guy that is producing some of the softest contact in baseball right now, that’s good news. 

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  1. Dodger106W Nope I have no faith in Roberts. Doc is a very nice guy but NOT a strategic thinker. He would rather be a nice friendly guy in the Clubhouse than a true Manager that is willing to upset people. Performance MATTERS! Especially in a short season….A games are being played back to back why not go with a 6 man rotation? Keep everyone rested but ready….Its the playoffs that matter.