Dodgers: Alex Verdugo Talks About The Muncy-Bumgarner Exchange With Jim Rome

“It was a day game, and Bumgarner was a little grumpy.”

When Max Muncy homered off Madison Bumgarner on Sunday, a chain of reactions rippled throughout the baseball world. Now in the aftermath, we have heard many former Giants weigh in on the moment such as Jeremy Affeldt and Aubrey Huff.

However we haven’t heard about what many of the current Dodgers think, until now. Therefore, Alex Verdugo joined The Jim Rome Show to talk about Muncy’s blast off Bumgarner, and the words exchanged.

First, Rome points out that Muncy was barely out of the batters box when Bumgarner started in on him. This is a fair point that hasn’t really been raised yet. Then, Verdugo was asked what his reaction was by Rome.

“I was a little fired up by it too because obviously because Muncy when he hits it, he drops the bat you know? But I didn’t think he pimped it bad at all, I thought he hit it, knew it was gone, dropped the bat and started running. But Bumgarner, on the second-pitch of the game he was already jawing at the umpires.”

Next, Rome asked what Verdugo thinks of any pitcher that asks a hitter to simply put their head down and just run. Verdugo’s answer was a bit surprising.

“I feel like that’s their view, you know? If I was a pitcher and I was pitching and someone hit a bomb off me, I would be upset about it too. That’s the competitor in me, I want to be better than the guy I face. For him to do it – I’m not mad about it – but maybe not get too fired up about it.”

Of course, you can watch the full response below in the video clip.

Verdugo on Rome clip

Finally, I have to say that Verdugo comes off as well-spoken in this interview. His responses were not biased to his lovable teammate, but just partial to what’s best for the game of baseball.

Good on you, Alex.

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  1. Time for dl, mental not physical, and minor league rehab until he recovers. And cancel the bobble head, that’s an embarrassment.

    • It doesn’t show what this is in reference to. But I’m assuming Joe Kelly. I totally agree with you! I want him gone. We haven’t had good luck with ‘star’ pitchers from the American League. They seem to pitch to lose.

  2. I am a Dodger fan from the Brooklyn Dodgers. I whole heartedly support your case on Joe Kelly. Time to face reality. Ship him and look elsewhere for bull pen help.

  3. Dave Roberts Has the luxury of using Kelly selectively only as long as the Dodgers have a big lead in the division. He can obviously be an elite reliever as we saw last fall, but his miserable performances are in his head now and he may never get over it. Roberts should keep using him when the game is not on the line, but don’t let him near a post-season roster if he doesn’t come around.

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