Dodgers: All-Star Max Muncy Talks About Selection Being A Dream Come True

America’s Slugger grew up going to games in Cleveland.


Already, Max Muncy has talked about the importance his father had on him becoming a big leaguer. However, that was a month ago; before Muncy was named an All-Star. Now, Muncy will get the opportunity to pay tribute to his father and grandfather. The reason for this – Muncy attended games in Cleveland as a youngster with the elder Muncy’s.

Bill Plunkett captures the magic of a journeyman becoming an All-Star in his recent story in the OC Register.

Obviously, the added significance comes from the fact that the game takes place in Cleveland. Who knew that Muncy had Cleveland, Ohio ties?

“Growing up going to Cleveland Indians games all the time with my dad or with his dad,” Muncy said, “the way we always talked about going to Indians games, it’ll be pretty special going out there being my first All-Star Game in Cleveland.”

Furthermore, Muncy wasn’t about to be fooled into any pranks when Dodgers manager Dave Roberts elected to tell him he was selected to the squad. While Muncy played along with the joke for a moment, he already knew why he was called into Roberts’ office.

“I already knew,” Muncy said. “I tried to fake it. I walked in there talking about, ‘Hey, if you’re going to tell me I’m not playing against a lefty, we’re gonna have a fight.’ So we just kinda joked around with it. That’s how I found out.”

Truly, that’s classic. America’s Slugger seems overjoyed with the fact he will be in Cleveland with four of his teammates. Equally important, he finally gets the mainstream recognition that he deserves for being one of baseball’s best sluggers over the past calendar year.

It’s hard to imagine where the Dodgers would be without discovering the gem in the rough that is Max Muncy. For the rest of his career, he can say he was an All-Star; at least once.

Written by Clint Evans

Clint lives in Ohio, and played collegiate baseball. He loves the Dodgers due to his first memories of Chavez Ravine when he was nine years old. The voice of Vin Scully has been a staple in his life since he was a kid. No amount of baseball talk is ever enough, and he wishes the regular season was year round. He has written about baseball online since 2007.


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  1. Muncy is a juicehead just like 90% of the rest of the league. Obvious as fuck. Wow Muncy must be sleeping in the gym. Lol and these guys think fans don’t know. Muncy would be still batting .198 without them.

  2. This guy is beginning to be a real force. Max has a good shot at a 6.0 WAR rating this year. Glad to see him make the All Star team.

  3. Really good to hear that Muncy will be in the All Star game. I am looking forward to watching our Dodgers team up with other great National league players. For that night, I will be able to applaud Javier Baez, Nolan Arenado, Christian Yelich because we’re all on the same team. Go National League!

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