LA Dodgers and Giants Sync Up for First Time in over a Century

It’s been 84 years . . . . .

Let’s face it! The Dodgers and Giants are going completely different directions in the standings this year (and recent years), but last night, they were able to sync up to do something they haven’t done in 123 years!

They were the New York Giants.

We were the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

Brandon Crawford hit 3 home runs, but Cody Bellinger hit his league leading 33rd home run on his 2nd home run of the evening. Max Muncy and Alex Verdugo also took their turns dropping bombs in Philly.

h/t: NBC

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    • AZUL, that is just one reason why I consider you theeee most loyal and well-informed Dodger fan on this board. Now, lets go out there and win this evening. Its presently about 91 degrees here in central New Jersey. Stay cool, PD Jr. Go Blue!!!

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