Dodgers and Phillies To Play First Exclusive YouTube Game July 18

With a YouTube broadcast only game, there is good news and bad news. Of course, the good news is that any fan can see the game. For example, the Dodgers will play at 9:30 in the morning on July 18th. However, the bad news is that the game won’t be broadcast anywhere else.

In fact, it will be like an ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game. Indeed, if you want to see this game; you will need to find a way to watch it on YouTube.

This news came to us on Twitter from Eric Stephen.

Two other games have been announced exclusively on YouTube. The Cleveland Indians-Toronto Blue Jays game on Tuesday, July 23, and the Detroit Tigers-Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim game six days later on July 29th.

What do you think of baseball being broadcast on YouTube? Personally, I am alright with it and I like to see the sport expanding to these different ways to attract fans to watch it; similar to the NFL.

Let us know in the comments section below if the game being on YouTube makes you less likely or more likely to watch it – or if you feel this is a good idea for baseball to broadcast games in general.

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    • Michael, I totally am on your side with this and I might go even farther as to say whoever is responsible for making this a u tube only should be locked up in a padded cell for a month! I too have paid to see Dodger games on DTV and this is outright stealing as far as I am concerned. I won’t say any more because what I might say could be very offensive to this so I won’t bother.

  1. If you want to fix something, fix it so Dodgers tv package that available on east coast with dodgers announcers. MLB extra innings package you have to accept what ever feed that Xfinity has . Dodgers should have there own tv network available nation wide with all spring training and regular season games with dodgers announcers.

  2. The only reason I have cable is for Dodger games and related programming. I’ve paid handsomely for that. I don’t mind the occasional game on You Tube or other venues because I know this is good for fans who can’t get Spectrum. But I highly object to these alternative venues being exclusive of my paid cable provider.

  3. Not happy about this. I already pay a premium to put the inferior spectrum in my living room while I keep my preferred Directv. Now I have to sign up for an additional service? Or free preview?? Give me a break baseball. Not only are you alienating a lot of people like myself with taking away premium seats at the stadium by putting up a ridiculous net,in certain stadiums but your now making it harder to follow on TV as well