Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Finds it Interesting That The Astros Are Playing Victim

Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, much like everyone else, has had it.

The Astros will always be the bad guys for Dodgers fans, no matter how well they manage to do in the 2020 postseason. Heck, even the the league…

In the wake of their massive cheating scandal unearthed months before the season, the Astros finished the season with a losing record and still made it through to the ALCS.

Their success has drawn the ire of fans all over baseball, given that they shouldn’t have even been in the postseason. But the Astros and their players don’t care, and they’ve even taken it a step further. Houston has taken a sort of victim approach to these playoffs, citing the hate that they receive from around the league. 

For instance, Carlos Correa talked about winning the Wild Card Series over the Twins and advancing. In his mind, there was nothing left for people around the league to say about them after winning. 

I know a lot of people are mad. I know a lot of people don’t want to see us here. But what are they going to say now? -Carlos Correa

Dodgers President of Baseball Operations made an appearance on Mad Dog Sports on SiriusXM this past week. The long-time executive address the Astros making it into the postseason, and their tone when talking about their successes. 

I think them playing the victim’s complex card is a little interesting to me. Like, I get that it’s been a difficult year for them, but to play the victim card, I think has been, you know, a curious strategy.

It’s a subtle jab, but a jab nonetheless. The Dodgers obviously are right to feel that they were cheated out of the 2017 World Series by the Astros. And fans across baseball are right to feel that the Astros don’t belong in the playoffs if not for MLB’s ridiculous new playoff format. Regardless, they’re here, and we can hate them.

Up Next for the Dodgers

After taking down the San Diego Padres in just three games in the NLDS, the Dodgers will stay right where they are. The Atlanta Braves will come into town to kick off the NLCS on Monday. 

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  1. Eventually you Dodger folks are going to get tired of focusing on the Astros. They don’t give a rip about you. They are doing what they do: win when it counts. Perhaps you should start concentrating on your own team and figure out how not to choke in the World Series. I know you are busy always reminding yourselves of how you are supposed to be the best, but maybe you should just shut up and play. Just say it with your actions. It just sounds like whining from a spoiled rich kid to me.

    • All of baseball, not just Dodgers’ ‘folks’, was focused on the Astros cheating. There was a MLB investigation after all. Its obvious to me from your pseudonym and comments that you are not a Dodgers fan which begs the question: why, if you (or your team) “don’t give a rip about” us, are you on Dodgersnation first thing in the morning reading what any of us Dodgers’ “folks’ think or have to say?

    • the dodger’s aren’t focused on the astros, but most all of sports including players, fans etc do not respect the astro’s players and thats never going away, guys like correa, guriel, reddick, springer, altuve, bregman will never be respected by 99% of sports fans and players, thats never going away.

  2. Everyone associated with the Dodgers needs to stop talking abut 2017. Whining & crying about it won’t change it. It’s about time the Dodgers quit playing the victim card and focus on winning a championship. Then maybe everyone can stop talking about 1988 too!

    • Its not just Dodgers fans mate. Its the Yankees and every team they beat to get to the WS. And need to ask this, why are you here if not a dodgers fan? Im not on the astros or Yankees pages. If the Astros dont care they cheated to win, then that is their problem. Go back to your teams page and have a whinge there. But, they were the victim btw. Just saying

      • Beltran came to the Astros from the Yankees and told his new teammates they were behind the times in cheating. There were plenty of teams cheating in 2017. Thankfully, MLB had cleaned it up in 2019.

  3. THE CHEATERS HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!! NO ONE in major league baseball even has the slightest hint of SYMPATHY FOR THEM. REALLY!!!! After they were found out of the BIGGEST CHEATING SCANDAL in major league baseball.And what is more disturbing is that rob manfred covered up for for them and allowed THE CHEATERS to keep there title and the trophy and their rings is a TOTAL INJUSTICE!!! We as baseball fans can read the writing on the wall and can see which team Manfred FAVORS…WHY??? REMEMBER HOUSTON CHEATERS LIFE IS A BIG WHEEL AND WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!! AND YOU CANT HIDE FROM THAT!!!!

  4. I believe that as the Astros continue to advance postseason, they believe that they are showing us how talented they are absent cheating. What the Astros want all of us to believe is that the Astros would have won the 2017 World Series whether they cheated or not (based on their current postseason performance.) But the fact of the matter is they did cheat in 2017 and we will never know what would have been had they not. What this team needs to realize is that whatever success the Astros have during 2020 postseason will not make up for or erase the fact that they cheated their way to a 2017 World Series “win.” I hope the Rays shut them down, but if not it looks as if we will be facing them again soon enough. GO DODGERS!!!!

  5. The Astros cheated themselves out of the respect they would have earned from fans the world over. They got to keep the rings, but they’ll never have what a true champion has. Those rings will only remind them of what they did, remind them of their hollow victory and their rotten character. They did it to themselves and now they have to live with it, that’s the way it works. They robbed themselves.

  6. The chicago “black socks” ate still spoken about for cheating 100 years later. So I guess the cheating scum astros had better get used to it. It aint going away any time soon

    • If the Astros actually get to the world series under the format Manfred created for them that allowed teams with losing records into the postseason, they can be victims in real life. The Dodgers will crush them.