Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks About His Daily World Series Win Reminder

So the Dodgers won a World Series title and for many, it feels like so long ago when in fact it hasn’t even been a month. But hey, 2020 right? Time is relative. So, President of Baseball Operations and MLB Executive of the Year Andrew Friedman, joined Access Sportsnet to talk offseason, what the feeling has been like, and how he is “celebrating” in these past few weeks.

At this point, it’s fair to say that everyone has heard about Clayton Kershaw playing “We Are The Champions” by Queen on a loop at all hours of the day and how his neighbors and family are just about sick of hearing the song, but Mr. Friedman couldn’t help but smile when asked about it

Yeah, I loved hearing the Kersh thing.

He then let us in on what the celebration has been like for him.

For me, it’s been more wearing the hat. I’ve been wearing the hat a lot, wearing it backward with the trophy kinda front and center on my forehead and whenever I pass by a mirror I’m like oh yeah we won, we’re the champions. So it’s a helpful reminder.

Notably, Kiké Hernandez mentioned his hat and the trophy embroidery as his daily reminder as well.

Dodgers fans could not wait to get their World Series swag as lines at the Dodger Stadium store were quite long. So when people are allowed back into the stands, Andrew will have a few more helpful reminders around him at the ballpark.

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