Dodgers: Another Dear Dave Roberts Letter

Dear Dave,


I wrote you, but you still ain’t calling.

We got swept by the Reds. The Reds came into town as the worst team in the National League; they played four games at our own park against us, and they won four games. They then left Los Angeles still holding the crown as the worst team in the National League.

Sorry, maybe I misspoke above, the Reds came into town with the worst record in the National League… the Dodgers may hold the title as the worst team.

Again, I know it isn’t exactly your fault, per se, but maybe, perhaps, you’re not exactly helping.


Let’s talk

Friedman said you’re the right man to lead this team — us as Dodgers’ fans can take that any of a few ways…

  • You could be the right man for the job, and a contract extension is ready and waiting for you to cross the T’s and dot the “04 World Champ”.
  • The news comes in a week that you’re being replaced by interim manager Bob Geren.
  • Or you’re undergoing season-ending Tommy John.

We just never will know with this front office.

Honestly, I hope it’s the first one. You’re a stand up guy, you mean well, the players like you, but unfortunately there’s a glaring hole in your skippering game showing: you gotta work on your temper. No, I don’t think you’re an angry guy, but maybe that’s the problem.

I’m prepared to be chastised when I say that I really think that Don Mattingly would have a better hold on this clubhouse right now. Donnie ballgame sticks up for his players when the time is right… and the time has been right for any number of games over the first 40, Dave.

Go stand up for Matt Kemp against the home plate umpire. Get in Joe West’s face for a garbage balk call on Cingrani. Kick some dirt. Throw a base. Rip off your jersey and go fight Andy Green again.

The fire under this club is on flickering embers and you’re shaking your head at it… it’s time for you to be the gasoline.


Keeping the faith

I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to my Dodgers, and this season I, like many, fear that the romance may be unrequited… but I still have the faith. The honorable Winston Zeddmore once said, “We have the tools, we have the talent” — or at least that’s how I prefer to remember it. Never have I felt more inspired.

It’s Miller time.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. You could have added about this crap with Cody Bellinger, from not running out the bases to ignoring the Take Sign.

    Remember the scene in the movie Moneyball where Billy Bean lost his sh*t after a loss and the best player on the team (Giambi) was partying like they won the World Series. Now I’m not in the club house so I don’t know the dynamics, but is Bellinger so good he can blow-off a Take Sign? Who’s running the asylum?

    Roberts needs to show some Type A skills or maybe he can’t because he’s already lost the team. Last year he likely he let former 1st. baseman Gonzales lead the players with sack, and Gonzales is gone so that dynamic is gone too.

    I actually really, really liked Dave Roberts but drastic times call for drastic measures. Figure it out Coach.

  2. When do we start having concerns with our Batting Coach–we are not “Squaring” up the bat to the pitch bunt. How many times are we going to swing @ pitches off the outside corner, and in the dirt——how many ????? We take strikes down the heart of the plate, and yet we swing @ pitches that are not strikes……….back to the basics. Perhaps we need out Batting Practice Pitchers to throw breaking balls @ least 80-85 MPH !!!

  3. How do the Dodgers (or any team for that matter) lose five straight games to the cellar dwellers in the NL? Roberts is about as effective as Jeff Sessions. Good grief.

  4. Dreaming! Garhad and ‘Drew didn’t bring in quality replacements for the lost talent like Morrow. Instead, signed the washed up Utley for not 1, but 2 years! Brought in a bunch of awful relievers. Throw in loss of Seager who was CLEARLY hurt last year and became completely ineffective-no adequate back up plan; and Kershaw even last 2 years showing signs of early decline due no doubt to injuries. Hate to be negative, but believe in being realistic.