Dodgers Are Leaning Heavily on Seager’s Development

A lot of the success that the Los Angeles Dodgers achieve during the 2016 season will largely depend on a few things — the health of a lot of their key players being the biggest one. However, a lot also hinges upon the immediate success of their new shortstop, rookie Corey Seager.

While he performed great during his September call-up last season, he still needs to perform over a full season in order to persuade some of the fanbase that he’s a for real player and not just a flash in the pan who had one great month before fizzling out of the league forever. And that is a concern.

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From the Los Angeles Times’ Dylan Hernandez:

That’s a nice thing to say, but here’s the truth: If the Dodgers are to return to the postseason for the fourth consecutive year, Seager will probably have to hit. If they are to win their first World Series championship in nearly three decades, he will definitely have to.

There’s really not much wrong in any of this being said by Hernandez. The Dodgers will need Seager to hit, and to hit quite well if they are to raise a world championship banner after this season. He’s the linchpin to their overarching dreams and goals that they want to eventually achieve.

Without a producing Seager, it creates a larger problem for the offense since they already lack major punch at some of the spots in the order. While they are a formidable offense in name, they still need to do it on the field and they weren’t really good at it in the second half of the season.

The Dodgers scored the third-fewest runs in the National League over the second half of 2015, and they can’t afford to let that kind of offensive lull take place again. Corey Seager needs to be at the forefront of the offensive surge this season, even at his young age. It’s just the way it happens to be.

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