Dodgers Blocked by Angels on Great Idea For A Dying Valley Mall

The LA Angels From Not LA Block the Dodgers

The Anaheim Angels seem to never get the memo that Anaheim is not in Los Angeles. Bill Shaikin wrote a wonderful article, and tweeted out the gist.

In short, the Dodgers were exploring building a new baseball field at a dying mall and helping revitalize the are in the valley. An unfortunate snag in the effort is that the owner of the Angels would block it.

Guber and the Dodgers liked the Woodland Hills Project. [Westfield Corp CEO Peter] Lowy and Westfield liked it. The mayor of Los Angeles liked it. The president of the minor leagues liked it. Rob Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, liked it.

Dodger owner Peter Guber adds the hold up.

‘There was nobody that did not like it, except for Arte Moreno’

Under baseball rules, as it says, LA, OC, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties are shared by the Dodgers and Angels. So both teams have the power to block each other in a venture to expand.

Stop Trying To Make Anaheim LA

Arte Moreno could use a conversation with Regina George, who would tell him to stop trying to make Anaheim, ‘happen.’ The Angels blocked the Dodgers attempt at re-vitalizing a dying mall that just happens to be within the city of Los Angeles. The Angels were not okay with this, apparently thinking that Anaheim was as much a part of Los Angeles as, uh, well, Los Angeles.

To be fair, the Dodgers would have likely blocked this idea had the Angels suggested it. This being the only excuse for the Angels is particularly lame for two reasons:

  1. The Dodgers are the Los Angeles team, and play in Los Angeles, no matter what MLB or the Angels try to market.
  2. This was the Dodgers idea.

Angels, Green with Blue Envy

This battle of supremacy for “LA’s team” just won’t go away, despite it’s preposterous nature. This field was going to be 55 miles away from Angels stadium.  Arte Moreno can do whatever he wants, but something like this is sad. The residents of San Fernando could have greatly benefited from this idea. Mike Trout is the best player in MLB, and the Angels have locked him up for good, but one player does not a team make. Until there’s a new Angels owner, Dodgers will have to take comfort in knowing that the Dodgers are Los Angeles’s team.

Written by AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers fan who grew up in California. His whole family are also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Tennessee with his wife, daughter, beagle, and strat.


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  1. Geeze mariee! The only reason the angels want to be the Los Angeles Angels is because LA is a more popular city. LA has more class than the city of orange. Sounds better too. It’s funny i haven’t heard any angel away games where the fans are chanting beat LA beat LA! Get back to the California Angels they had more class then.

  2. Outside of the Great Trout, The “Anaheim” Angels are a joke and a petty one at that. This just makes themm look even smaller.

  3. There are 2 issues here that the writer and commenters overlook. The first is that Anaheim is in the same Metropolitan Statistical Area as LA, and the same Nielson ratings market. The need to chase Ad revenue drives the naming issue. Secondly, the Angels are actively exploring new stadium options, why would they give the valley to a minor league team when they haven’t discounted the same move for themselves. The Angels aren’t approving any new ballparks in their MSA until they get their own new deal.

  4. If the Angels wanted to move to Long Beach the Dodgers could nix the idea. Artie should have thought of that.

  5. The Dodgers should move to the LBC and get away from the east side ghetto trash that have infiltrated since the 90’s. We could have a beautiful scene by the water with the classier faction of the fan base attending games

  6. Hey NODH, 100 to 1, you’re a while male. Way out of touch with only your sense of entitlement to guide you.

    • Keep defending ghetto trash you idiot. Those are the worst fans we have only there to defend the barrios not because they love the game. By the way your name is John Finley that’s as white male as it gets you cornball. I’m Italian Mexican and white. Get some culture before you talk shit and don’t be nothing more than a common thug when representing it

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