Dodgers: Camelback Ranch and Dodger Stadium Open Back Up

Just days after it was announced that Camelback Ranch had yet to open, the Dodgers went the other direction. While teams across the league had started making Spring Training facilities available to their players, LA had yet to do that until today.’s Ken Gurnick reported today that Dodger Stadium and Camelback Ranch have opened up for players on the roster. Gurnick says that the facilities are to be used strictly for rehab and medical purposes, though we know that to not be the case. The Dodgers have been holding workouts in groups for the last few weeks. 

Chris Taylor revealed that as recently as Friday, Dodgers players were taking live batting practice at Dodger Stadium. With Camelback Ranch opening up, it seems likely that players will start to trickle back in once MLB gives the all-clear for the second run of Spring Training. 

Why the Dodgers are saying these two facilities are being only used for rehab and medical reasons is still to be determined. MLB is currently working on a financial plan to present to the player’s union for approval, which should begin on Tuesday of this week.

If the player’s union were to approve the proposal immediately by some miracle, baseball could get moving fairly quickly. It’s expected that there will be a little bit of a fight over the financial compensation side of things. 

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  1. Ok, I don’t follow every new item on baseball but it seems that either the players or the union don’t want to have pay cuts because of the shortened season. If one goes from full-time work to part-time then one would get part-time pay right? Well, how about pro-rated? Deduct the month or so of nonplay and go from there. The money these guys get every year would last them the rest of their lives if they invested and saved the right way, they shouldn’t have a problem. If the Dodgers sell as many dodger dogs as they do on a full year then tag the extra pay at the end of the year, geesh man, come on! I’m ashamed to see such cry babies!