Dodgers’ Chance At Acquiring Ace ‘Diminishing By The Day’

It’s been said that if the Los Angeles Dodgers could pull off a trade for Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer to pair with Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler, it would give the team their best trio in a half century. Still, if you were one of the hopefuls of the Dodgers adding an ace starting pitcher, this post may deflate you a bit.

Will the Indians Look To Move Kluber or Bauer?

Ken Rosenthal reports via The Athletic that the chances of the Indians trading one of these two is diminishing.

The chances of the Indians trading one of their star right-handers, Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer, seems to diminish by the day. One rival executive says the Indians currently are more aggressive on acquiring “cheap roster fillers” than completing a blockbuster involving a starting pitcher.

It’s doubtful the Indians would make Kluber or Bauer available in July if they are in contention, but a number of other starting pitchers — from the DBacks’ Robbie Ray to the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner to the Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman — might have greater value at the deadline, provided they pitch well in the first half.

Moreover, if we’re being honest; it would make little sense for Cleveland to deal one of these two now. Both Kluber and Bauer figure to have a shot at winning the Cy Young Award in 2019. The Indians are currently 12 to 1 odds to win the 2019 World Series. Simply put, this doesn’t seem like a team that would need to trade an ace for a couple future pieces.

The Indians have the luxury of standing pat through the winter, and seeing what type of team takes shape when the regular season begins. Then, if things get off to a slow start; the market for either of these players would really blossom.

Adding a third workhorse-type ace starting pitcher has always seemed a bit too good to be true for the Dodgers. Furthermore, they already have one of the deepest stables of starting pitching in all of baseball. It’s a surplus like this which allowed them to trade Alex Wood to the Cincinnati Reds.

Final Word

Los Angeles is going to do something to make a splash – but reading between the lines may be telling us that it’s unlikely for it to be one of the Indians’ coveted starting pitchers.

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  1. Personally, I believe Kluber would be the most important piece for the Dodgers. Realmuto being second on that list. Solid starting pitching and bullpen is the most critical deep in the plyoffs. With Kershaw having only a few years left in my opinion, the time to ein is now. But, giving up Bellinger for Realmuto in addition to Vedugo is ridiculous. Although the catcher position is crucial, Marlins obviously are new to this side of the business. Nobody is paying that price and Marlins will not win anytime soon so eventually their price will drop.

  2. Dodgers already have the best trio of pitchers with Kershaw,Urias and Buhler in that order.No need to trade more talent save the money for later when these youngsters w/o be eligible for arbitration and forget about Harper too He’s way overrated and will never be close to puig defensively while puig will have monster years with the reds

  3. Moving Puig IS the big move this off season, but not for our good. This will be regretted for a very long time. His defensive game and electricity cannot be duplicated via free agency. Our guy should’ve been a Dodger for life. He’ll never command the big jack that overrated players like Harper and Machado do and that’s not saying he’s lesser of a player, but more he’s a different kind of human. This guy is HEART! He may hit 20 pts lower on average than these other two, but how many potential runs does he save by keeping guys at first on gappers and down the right field liners? How many hold their tags from 2nd and 3rd base? How many ridiculous catches and assists does this guy do annually? Offensively, how worried does he make the opposing pitcher, catcher, and outfielders everytime he gets on? How does his fiery, all out play affect the rest of the team and the home crowd? His maturity and baseball IQ has steadily improved every year and is just beginning to really take form. Let’s not confuse this with his electic personality. He’s still Puig, and that’s awesome for all the aforementioned. Next years contract extension would’ve been an easy one, because most of the league doesn’t appreciate this guys contribution and value. Now we’ve voluntarily added ourselves to that list and we are lesser because of it. Play ball Yasiel!

  4. This news does not surprise me in the least!!!! The team will have to put together one heck of a deal to pry Kluber away from Cleveland; on the other hand, a Big Three of Kersh, Ferris and Kluber would strike fear into Phillies fans especially. If we can add a right handed bat with power, even better.