Dodgers: Chris Taylor Exits Game With Injury

The Dodgers are playing against the Pirates tonight in Pittsburgh. Coming off of a series sweep in Chicago, getting a win against the Pirates should have been a given. But a tough start with the bats put them in a hole early, despite the strong start from Julio Urias. 

But in the 6th inning, Chris Taylor fouled a ball hard off of his knee. The Dodgers utilityman went down for a minute before limping around the diamond. A check from the training staff and Dave Roberts resulted in him staying in for the at-bat. Taylor went on to strike out looking before limping out of the box. 

The following inning, the Dodgers chose to replace Taylor on defense. Max Muncy ended up shifting over to second base and Gavin Lux went out to left field to fill out his spot. Taylor has struggled lately, so removing him from the game might have been the best call. 

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We’ll have more information on this as it comes out. But it seems more than likely that the Dodgers wanted to be cautious with him. 

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  1. Saying CT has struggled from the plate is a bit of an understatement. The Dodgers regularly 3 players in the lineup that have totally stunk the place up, CT, Muncy and JT. And Belli is confused as to what kind of hitter he wants to be… a good one or like he was last year. Muncy may be still struggling from the elbow injury he got at the end of last year. But CT and JT? It’s like they completely forgot how to hit. And it’s not like they can make up for their lack of productivity with their glove like Belli. So, how long do they wait before starting to make changes in the lineup? How the Dodgers are riding so high in the standings is a mystery when you have 3, sometimes 4 players not contributing anything at the plate.

    Finally, is anyone else afraid to read Dodger news lately? It’s like you can’t go a day without reading about someone getting hurt or having to have an extended rehab before we can expect to see them again this year. It’s been so long since we’ve seen Gonzalez that I scarcely remember who he is. Do other teams have this much trouble keeping their pitching staff healthy? Since it’s not likely we’ll see T and G anytime soon how about doing away the daily updates on how far away they are from resuming their careers, huh?

  2. Good time to bring up Pillar and see what he has in the tank.. A few days off may due Taylor some good. He has been abysmal for the last couple of weeks. Dodgers will have a hard time maintaining their current win rate if JT, Muncy, and TT don’t start hitting. Rios should get more starts with Muncy and JT slumping so badly. I would like to see what he can do.

  3. I don’t follow other teams so maybe it its not as it appears but it seems to me that that Dodgers have more problems with pitcher’s injuries than other teams. Not only this season but the last several seasons. Maybe it is normal.