Dodgers: Chris Taylor Says Players Are Back at the Stadium

The Dodgers have had Ross Stripling hosting an Instagram live session the last couple of Fridays, and the content has been great. This week, Ross hosted the very quiet and seldom heard from Chris Taylor, who revealed one big piece of information. 

As the world starts to open back up and MLB tried to figure out a way to get games going, Taylor says players are already back at the stadium. The Dodgers’ utilityman talked about going to the field and working out with several players for the last few weeks. 

We can finally get into the stadium the last couple of weeks, so that’s been good…Me, Seager, Barnes, DJ, Kenley, Woody, and Scottie. They basically got like two to three guys coming at a time for like two-hour segments…Today was my first time hitting live off of Kenley. 

So not only are players able to get into the stadium, but they apparently have started taking live batting practice as well. That’s a long way from hitting into nets at home, which Dodgers players were doing a few short weeks ago. 

If MLB is able to get the season started, it seems likely that games will be in full swing by July. That gives players a few short weeks in the second run of Spring Training to be ready, so it makes sense that the Dodgers are getting their guys ready now. 

The latest reports from baseball suggest that the holdup with an agreement to get the league started is purely financial. The league is expected to make it’s economic proposal to the player’s union this Tuesday, which should hopefully get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. The Dodgers have not yet discussed players working out at the stadium until now. 

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  1. The way negotiations are going why not try multiple offers from the owners at once and let the players vote on all the offers and let the Union tell the owners which one the Union will agree to. So if there is 3 offers and all 3 pass (only the union knows the votes) then the choice offer the union leadership likes best gets the push go the owners.
    If all 3 get voted down then cancel the season and No player gets paid anymore.
    No replacement players nothing period and try again next year. The wait on an agreement or not is ridiculous. Do it or move on. I’d be willing to bet if the Union leadership allowed A vote it would pass.