Dodgers: Chris Taylor’s Best Plays in a Dodger Uniform

Chris Taylor made one of the best game-ending plays we’ve seen in a long time on Wednesday. His throw to the plate not only won the game for the Dodgers, but also won the series. With that in mind, we’re traveling back to some of his best plays in a Dodger uniform. 

We’ve got six of them for you. 

#6 Game Tying Hit in Game 5 of the World Series

With the Dodgers trailing the Astros in Game Five of the 2017 World Series, things started to look bleak. Chris Taylor came up with two outs in the top of the 9th and battled his way to a 2-2 count. Taylor took a breaking ball to center and drove in Austin Barnes to tie the game. 

Unfortunately, the Dodgers would go onto to lose the game and the series to those cheating Astros. 

#5 Grand Slam Versus Brewers in 2017 to take a 10-8 Lead

One again facing a two-strike count in a big spot, Chris Taylor shows Dodgers fans that he is the real deal. After Los Angeles pitching got beat up all day by a lethal Brewers lineup, Chris Taylor came on to save the day. He launched a grand slam to dead center to give the Dodgers the lead and the win. 

#4 Game 1 NLCS Homerun to take the Lead Over the Cubs

With the game tied at 2 in the 6th inning of game 1 of the NLCS, Chris Taylor stepped into the spotlight once against. He took a 97 mph fastball from Hector Rondon the other way to give the Dodgers the lead for good. Los Angeles would go on to advance to their first World Series in nearly 30 years. 

#3 2017 Leadoff Homerun World Series

In the first World Series in Los Angeles since 1988, Chris Taylor launches the first pitch he sees into orbit. The Dodgers got off to a hot start and beat the Astros in game one. The Astros would later cheat them out of a series altogether, but that blast is unforgettable. 

#2 The Throw From Lef Field to Double up Trent Grisham

Call it recency bias, call it whatever you want, that was one hell of a play. If Chris Taylor doesn’t make this play it’s very likely that the Dodgers don’t win this ballgame. The catch, the lineup, and the throw are all just pure art. Chris Taylor, we love you.

#1 The Catch in Left Field During the 2018 NLCS

One of the most clutch catches that you will ever see in your life time from a guy that didn’t play outfield before coming to the Dodgers. 

What do you think? Are there a few better plays that you would like to see in here? Drop them in the comments below and let us know what YOU think are the best plays of Chris Taylors career with the Dodgers. 

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