Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw And Mookie Betts Make the List of Future Hall of Fame Members

Four total Dodgers might be on the path to the Hall of Fame.

Historically speaking, there is an average of 40 MLB players in any given year that will eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame. ESPN took that number and tried their best to guess which players in 2021 would make it, and a few of them were Dodgers players. Let’s dive into that list that was made up by collecting WAR data, combined with a few other factors. 

Surefire Hall of Fame Dodgers

#3: Clayton Kershaw

Kershaw came in ranked just behind Albert Pujols and Mike Trout in the equation. Pujols makes sense given that he was so successful for so long, and his all-time WAR is pretty much already calculated. Mike Trout…well, he’s just Mike Trout. But Kershaw put up 1.7 bWAR for the Dodgers in 2020, bringing his career total to 69.6. With a decent amount of years left on his career, Kershaw could wind up as one of the game’s all-time greats. 

Dodgers On the Right Path

#10: Mookie Betts

With over 45 WAR in 7 years, Mookie sort of already feels like a surefire Hall of Fame outfielder. But he is just 28-years-old and has a whopping 12 years left on his mega-extension that he signed with the Dodgers before the 2020 season. Betts truly is one of the best all-around players, showcasing his game on both sides of the ball. When all is said and done, he is almost sure to be in Cooperstown representing Los Angeles. 

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The Young Guys

#23: Cody Bellinger

Winning an MVP award is sure to at least put you on the path to the Hall of Fame. Bellinger is also just 25-years-old, and there is no indication that he reached his ceiling during that 2019 run. If he recovers from his shoulder surgery as expected, Bellinger will once again be right up there with some of the best outfielders in the game in 2021. And with almost 19 WAR under his belt in 4 seasons, he’s certainly headed in the right direction. 

#36: Walker Buehler

The biggest question surrounding Walker Buehler and his chances at the Hall of Fame seems to be his durability. If he can stay consistently healthy, there is no reason to think he can’t be one of the best ever. Already 4 years into his career, Buehler has put up a mediocre 5.8 WAR and made 61 starts. If he can get right for the long run, the Dodgers could have their ace in Los Angeles for the next generation of arms. 

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  1. Hang on a minute there. Betts is definitely on a Hall of Fame track, but how he performs in the next several years will determine whether or not he goes into the Hall as a Dodger or Red Sox, or neither. For example, Albert Pujols certainly isn’t going in as a Angel. True, Pujols had a way higher peak with the Cardinals, but as of right now Betts goes in as a Red Sox. He needs to rack about about 40 more WAR before you can feel comfortable about him going in as a Dodger. Or win a couple more MVPs and World Series titles as a Dodger.

  2. Betts has spent 5 1/2 years as a Red Sox and 1 year as a Dodgers. If he continues his track…and he’ll have 12 years as a Dodger building up that WAR, he’ll definitely go in as a Dodger if he retires a Dodger. This is different that Pujols 10/10 as a Cardinal/Angel. This will be 5/12 as a Red Sox/Dodger…big difference there