Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Not Concerned With Who Starts Game 1 of the Playoffs

It was another vintage Clayton Kershaw moment on Saturday night in Colorado facing the Rockies. Just like he has all season for the Dodgers, Kershaw showed up and flat out pitched en route to the victory. 

Kershaw went 7 more innings and allowed 1 earned run to come across. He struck out 6 and once again did not allowed a single walk. The Dodgers southpaw got his ERA down to 2.15 with just one more start lined up for the year. With that in mind, Kershaw was asked about where he stood in line to start playoff games. For him, it doesn’t really matter.

It doesn’t matter. I think Walker and I will both be ready to go. I heard that he threw fine today, made it through 6 or 7 innings or something. Looking forward to seeing him back out there against Oakland. But wherever Walker and I start, we don’t care we’ll be good. 

Dodgers fans will always think of Clayton Kershaw as their go-to guy to start off the playoff run. But over the past two years, Walker Buehler has been that guy that fans seem to want to rely on in big games. That’s changed a little bit in a year that has only seen Walker make 7 starts.

But it’s not just the fact that Buehler isn’t getting out onto the field that has made fans want Kershaw starting. The long-time Dodgers ace is having himself one heck of a year after a down 2019. Kershaw is pitching like his Cy Young self, and the numbers he’s putting up back that. 

In terms of the direction the Dodgers are heading, it sounds like it could end up being Clayton Kershaw going game one. It could also be Walker Buehler, but only time will tell. Dave Roberts didn’t really clarify in his comments other than to say it will be one of them. 

Right now we still have Walker on Thursday and Clayton on Friday. We have the extra day for both guys…both guys don’t care where they get to start. It’s going to be 1 and 2 though. 

Whichever guy they go with, the Dodgers can’t really go wrong in who they pick to get the team off to a good start in the postseason.

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  1. But there is a difference. 2.72 versus 4.43. And over the past two post seasons that has been 2.72 versus 6.03. In a three game series in which losing the first game puts you in elimination mode it’s a big decision who goes first.

  2. The only reason it doesn’t matter is because both aren’t very trustworthy at the moment. Buehlers been up and down and now has a blister problem and Kershaw we all know can go from being great to being unrecognizable in the playoffs. May and Gonsolin are unproven in the postseason but hopefully they are up to the task

  3. Clayton should be #1. He is having a great year and has been totally dominating at times. His last loss was actually caused by the bullpen giving up a couple hits after he was pulled with 2 on and 1 out in the seventh. He had given up 1 run to that point. Still a solid start with 3 charged to him. He will be starting at home, too. He will get Cy Young votes this year and, I think, is going to be in post season hardware conversation as well. Walker has been anointed as the next Dodger ace but to me one B+ season as a starter does not make you an ace. Clayton is our top starter and should start game #1.

  4. Whoever starts needs to be on his A game and unlike what has happened the past few post seasons must keep the ball in the yard and not put the team behind at the outset. And the first round is a best of 3 so along with that, the hitters need to make more contact than what we saw from them in the 2019 NLDS.