Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Pulled in the Middle of Perfect Game

Wednesday afternoon in Minnesota was one of those vintage Clayton Kershaw outings. Sure, the fastball velocity isn’t nearly what it used to be. But the Dodgers southpaw was absolutely dealing, reminding everyone that he is one of the greatest pitchers of this generation, if not of all time. 

Kershaw dealt his way through 7 perfect innings of work. He struck out 13 Twins, utilizing that slider often and inducing a whole lot of swings and misses. Minnesota never stood a chance. But the Dodgers pitcher had the opportunity for the first perfect game of his career, but fate had other plans. 

Obviously, Kershaw is coming off the first arm injury of his career in 2021. The Dodgers do need to be careful with him, especially in his first start of the season. Dave Roberts sat down and talked with him before he went out for the 7th inning. That conversation must have been something about that inning being it for him. 

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The Dodgers ended up removing Kershaw from the game and going with their bullpen instead. Blake Treinen and Alex Vesia were both seen warming up while they batted in the top of the inning. Vesia would later trot out from the bullpen, officially ending his day. 

But that left Kersh with 7 perfect innings and 13 punchouts. What an afternoon for the legend. 

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  1. Great game for Clayton! Too bad it was the first game of the year after an arm injury and a short spring training. Roberts made the right move. If this was Clayton’s third start; totally different. I watched the game and ,yep, he was dealing. The announcers, Karros and Davis BOTH were talking no more than 6. By the way, I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1963 after they swept the Yankees. Ask yourself this, how many managers in baseball history have had their teams in the playoffs 6 straight years? Less than 10? One World Series win. And a second win that was stolen. Roberts wants Kershaw on the mound in August too.

  2. I was disappointed with Roberts decision. I understand that they need to baby Kershaw after last years injury. But at the same time, perfect games are very rare. No perfect games since 2012. With the way Kershaw was pitching, it could have been even more special with a perfect game. What is done, is done. Lets just hope that Kershaw can keep it going this season and continue to be dominant. Today was the first game this season that the Dodgers played at a high level. Todays game gave me some confidence that indeed this lineup can be special and that these guys can actually win a world series. But its just one game, and the Twins are not one of the better teams the Dodgers will face this year. Looking forward to watching the home opener tomorrow night. Thank you Kershaw for a magical 7 innings of perfect baseball!