Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Records First Loss in 2 Calendar Years

The long-time Dodgers ace puts together an impressive run since July 2018.

July 21, 2018 — that’s the date you would have to look back to if you wanted to find the last time Clayton Kershaw recorded a loss for the Dodgers. On Friday night in San Francisco, that streak was snapped.

On that July day in 2018, Clayton tossed 6 innings and allowed one earned run in a loss at Miller Park in Milwaukee. He allowed 3 unearned runs on errors from Yasmani Grandal and later Manny Machado in that game.

On Friday night at Oracle Park, he threw 7 innings and allowed 2 runs in a 2-1 loss to the Giants.

In 21 starts between losses, Kershaw accumulated an 11-0 record with a 2.99 ERA in 138.2 IP. He registered 127 strikeouts against 21 walks in that time frame. In those 21 starts, the Dodgers had gone 19-2, including 17 straight victories.

While baseball is a team game, and pitcher wins aren’t valued the way they once were, your team winning 17 straight starts will stand out on paper.

In stands out even more as Dodgers Insider Rowan Kavner points out facts like this,

Kershaw’s streak of 17 straight regular season starts ending in a Dodger win? was the longest streak for any Dodger starter since at least 1908

In a time where media crushes Kershaw for not throwing 93 anymore, he put together a streak like that.

Clayton Kershaw: “The Little Ace That Could”

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  1. Tough-luck loser Kershaw. If somebody can explain to me why at times the Dodgers will face an opposing pitcher that has been struggling(according to the Giants broadcasters) and then the Dodger hitters will disappear making that opposing pitcher look like Cy Young for example. Just frustrating because the Giants have been struggling(previous series) and out of nowhere the Giants go “all-out” to beat the Dodgers. Why can’t the Dodgers do that whomever they face. Stay focused Dodgers, you Haven’t won anything!

  2. Too bad for Clayton. I often think of the times he has pitched so well and the team has not backed him up. His win percentage, though, speaks for itself. This is a team sport, and many pitchers over the years for LA have had great years and not gotten the wins. Drysdale was 19-17 one year, and 18-16 one year. 2.63, 2.18 ERA’s. The way it is. Still, we are a great team. Clayton will be back next time just as strong with different results.

  3. I love and will continue to support the Dodgers. Reality is that no matter how great a team is, they will lose games. And yes, sometimes a great team will lose games and series to a sub par team. Look at some of the recent wins the Marlins…yes, the Marlins… are having. Losing to the Giants, which ALWAYS adds insult to injury, is never good when you are a Dodgers’ fan. But it happens and it is, in fact, frustrating. Fact of the matter is….as of right now, we are 16 games ahead of the Giants….that absurd “Beat LA” chant was but a murmur last night…. AND those Giants’ announcers were so complimentary to our team (e.g., giving Kershaw accolades and saying that the Dodgers’ have “outstanding” offense and pitching etc.) that I thought I was listening to different broadcasters.

  4. Why wasn’t interference called when Chris Taylor stumbled bc of bullpen mound down left field foul line? The Giant player or coach in bullpen took a step right in Taylor’s path and then a quick step back just as Taylor was approaching the bullpen mound – that player/coach is supposed to get out of the way

    • Agree, Steve. I live in Northern California, and that is the attitude I have to deal with here when it comes to Giant fans, and obviously their staff. That Bull Pen coach knew just what he was doing. Hands in pockets, and smirk on face.

  5. I concur, Steve and Beth. But guess who was smirking at the end of that game? At this point….17 games ahead….I find that “Beat LA” chant (although faint these days) absurd, but understandable. After all, we are, the standard to beat right now. GO DODGERS!