Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Talks About Dad Life

On Father’s Day weekend, a look at the fatherly side of Kershaw.

Clayton Kershaw and I have similarities. Moreover, he has children the ages of my children. So when I read about Kershaw’s trip to the supermarket that went bad in The Player’s Tribune, I could definitely relate.

Specifically, when I make it through a week with my two and four year old; I feel like I can accomplish anything. Therefore when I see that Kershaw has these same concerns in this compartment in his life, it’s comforting.

Kershaw is a dad like the rest of us, and he has the same concerns. His daughter wanders off and he realizes that he too is human. Furthermore, things bust at the seams when the wife isn’t around to manage. All things that sound all too familiar.

However the part of this column that Kershaw penned that I loved the most, was that he’s already passed along his love for the game to his son Charley.

My son’s current obsession is our clubhouse at Dodger Stadium.

Pretty much every day I’m home, Charley comes up to me and says, in the cutest, most excited way ever: “Can I go see the guys? I want to see the guys. Can we go? Can we?” He always wants to wear his Dodgers jersey, and he loves to go back into the clubhouse and drink chocolate milk with a bunch of my teammates. Add to that the fact that Cali loves going to the stadium because of all the other players’ kids in the family room that the Dodgers do such a great job running, and you have a situation where now both of our kiddos are always asking about coming out to games.

First, it’s neat to see how much little Charley already loves the game of baseball. I wouldn’t bet against him someday ending up a draft pick in the MLB Draft.

Second, Kershaw is a decent writer; and it’s obvious that he’s a phenomenal father. Of course, I knew that being a dad was an important part of Kershaw’s life. I think back to when he had his kids playing on the field at Wrigley long after the team had left – one of the major networks picked up on it.

In conclusion, it’s a great read that reminds us what life is all about. As great as it is to see a Kershaw curveball, it’s important to remember we are rooting for the right kind of person. There’s nothing tougher than being a good dad – it’s tougher than winning a Cy Young. Number 22 has managed to accomplish both feats.

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  1. This was very cool to read about Kershaw and his family. I had read bits and pieces about them before but hearing from Clayton is better.
    Things like this really humanize players. What a great family. Thanks for this piece.

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