Dodgers Clubhouse Giving Out Special Item To Player of The Game

In years past, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ clubhouse governed the kangaroo court player of the game award by handing around a title belt. Now, they are upping their postgame win celebrations with a new item. Indeed, it’s a trident they’re handing out.

Furthermore, we learned this on Saturday night in Colorado when Alex Verdugo was pictured with the mythological weapon.

Then, the trophy resurfaced after the Dodgers’ Sunday Night Baseball win over the Rockies to secure the sweep. This time, it was Cody Bellinger who was pictured with it.

Here’s what we know.

What We Know About the Dodgers Postgame Trident

You thought we would have some huge scoop and story behind the thing Poseidon held. However, we do not. In fact, I am on Wikipedia right now just trying to learn more about a trident in general. That said, we aren’t totally empty handed and will update as we have more info.

One thing we can note is that a trident has three prongs. This Aquaman version has five. #science

Apparently, the 5dent trident first came to the Dodgers from who else: Justin Turner.

Alright, I can see that. Turner sees the item on some social media channel and dubs thee all that is sacred in Dodger locker room present and future. And then the fellas buy in.

We will have more on this five-pronged award making it’s way through the Dodgers’ clubhouse after every win soon. In the meantime, if you know anything about the story behind the trident; let us know in the comments!

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