Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Appears to Be Finding His Groove

A lot was made about Cody Bellinger during Spring Training. Coming off of a year in which he struggled on the field and struggled to stay healthy, Dodgers fans were not excited about what they were seeing. Bellinger struck out 18 times in 36 at-bats during the Cactus League, totaling just 5 singles throughout camp. 

He also got off to a slow start in the regular season. Bellinger went 2-for-14 to start the season through the first 4 games of the year. That included 6 strikeouts and zero power to his swing. But lately, things look to be changing for the Dodgers outfielder. 

Bellinger has gone 4-for-10 over his last 3 games. During that time, he has also been hitting the ball very hard. That’s a really good sign for Bellinger even if the results weren’t there. But they are there, compiling 2 extra-base hits, including a homerun in Minnesota. 

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It’s still early and there are obviously more steps for Bellinger to take. But hitting the ball hard and causing out of the zone less is a very good indication that he is feeling good in the box. They probably won’t be getting the MVP version of Belli back, but a strong presence near the bottom of the lineup would be huge for this year. 

Getting Bellinger back to his 2020 numbers would even be a huge win at this point. That year, he hit .239 with 12 homeruns in 56 games played for the Dodgers. He wasn’t very productive in the playoffs that year, but he did come up with some huge hits when it mattered most.

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  1. How many times do we see this type of headline only to see Beli-bombed-out’s batting average plummet shortly thereafter? He gets a hit and everyone starts proclaiming “He’s back!” I wish he would get it together but I’m tired of waiting.

  2. He was MVP-caliber in playoffs, after layoff! You are first person to write something not trite or negative. He’s in form and has taken high road on all the garage media coverage.