Dodgers: Cody Bellinger In Historic Statistical Company

A bunch of Babe Ruth ink next to Bellinger’s name.

While we have already covered Cody Bellinger’s 2019 stacking up with Babe Ruth’s finest season statistically, we have more yet. Now, our own FRG (@realFRG on twitter) shows us a nice graphic from the SNLA broadcast that has Bellinger in company with some of the game’s greats, Ruth included.

Moreover, this graphic deals with statistical totals before the month of July. What you will see below are players who have compiled a .350+ batting average, 50 or more walks, and 20 or more homers before the month of July.

While you might think this list would be larger, it’s just seven total seasons. Equally important, Bellinger currently is the first in two decades to achieve the feat; with Carlos Delgado last accomplishing it in 1999.

Now, seeing Ruth’s name on there with our Bellinger is mighty fine. However, there’s a little more to it. Many of you who read this will remember the dominating offensive presence of Frank Thomas and Delgado. This along with Ruth’s name listed an absurd four times should make a light go on in your head. Indeed, Cody Bellinger is a rare bird. That should be the take-home message of this post.

Then, I want you to take into consideration that Thomas (-1.3 dWAR) and Delgado (-1.3 dWAR) were not positive defenders during those prolific offensive seasons. In contrast, Bellinger is a 1.7 dWAR thus far in 2019. Recently, our Brian Robitaille showed how Bellinger’s value stacked up with the great Dodgers first-halves all-time in franchise history.

Surely, Bellinger can knock down walls offensively and we all knew that. However, when you add up the sum of the parts of what he can do in every facet of the game along with this rare offensive season he’s having; you begin to understand why he’s a favorite for MVP.

Also, he’s forcing our hand as a staff to write about him a lot. This is a season that happens so rarely across a lifetime in the game of baseball.

Written by Clint Evans

Clint lives in Ohio, and played collegiate baseball. He loves the Dodgers due to his first memories of Chavez Ravine when he was nine years old. The voice of Vin Scully has been a staple in his life since he was a kid. No amount of baseball talk is ever enough, and he wishes the regular season was year round. He has written about baseball online since 2007.

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