Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Talks About MVP Chants at Dodger Stadium

Who doesn’t want to sit down with the hottest hitter in all of baseball? Jim Hill from CBS LA takes his crack at it.

As the month of May comes to a close, the 23-year old Bellinger has become the most talked about player in all of baseball. As a Dodgers fan, it never gets old. From smiling Cody GIF’s on twitter, to crazy statcast exit velocity numbers, and of course soaking in all twenty of his glorious home runs in just two short months of play.

From the yellow seats at Chavez Ravine, Jim and Cody settle in for a conversation about Bellinger’s breakout season. Casual as can be, Cody is rocking a sweet cutoff tank-top with a Dodgers hat. Jim, of course, rocking a sleek black suit.

Jim starts off with:

“I don’t want to get too close to you, ’cause you’re on fire. I mean, you’re just burning sizzling the way that you’re playing not only in the outfield but at the plate as well…”

Cody answers with:

“This past month has been a little more of a grind than the first month…”

Cody’s Bellinger’s numbers were off the charts in the March and April, slashing .431/.508/.890. Although Cody describing this past month of May as a “grind”, he still continued to tear the cover off the ball, slashing .311/.410/.589 along with 6 home runs.

Bellinger on the M-V-P chants:

“…its for sure cool. You never expect that going into a season. Enjoying it and not letting it determine what I do. I’ve called ‘time’ a few times when they chanted just so I can lock it back in at the plate”

Jim brings up the Mike Trout-Cody Bellinger comparison

Bellinger chuckling:

“I don’t know about that you know…. he could be the best player of all time…. maybe one day”

Bellinger is well on his way to what would be his second all-star game bid in just three seasons. The Dodgers are a well-oiled machine, at least on the offensive side of things, and Cody is the heart and soul of that lineup.

Written by Tyler Hawk

Currently living in Central California. Life-long Dodgers and Chargers fan.


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  1. A hard working young guy with a great attitude . The whole team has a great attitude . Roberts deserves credit for being a manager who believes in his guys and stays the course . Keep it going guys !!

  2. Yep Cody is a well oiled machine right now. He made another outstanding play last night. Caught a bloop that should have been a hit. And, to top it off, the unsaid thing is his play is infectious. The rest of the team is raising their level of play. Pray he stays healthy and focused.

  3. Ultimately creating a home grown team was the goal of the Guggenheim Group folks. That’s what they said and that’s what they’ve done. Friedman seems to have a blind spot called the BP but I wouldn’t assume to know what’s behind it or what’s going on behind closed doors; we can only hope there’s more than meets the eye and/or minds can change/grow. Nobody’s perfect and everyone/team has a flaw; hopefully the BP flaw will be mitigated as the season goes on. Baez looks good this year and Jantzen looked like himself for real last night. (All said IMHO as a civilian)

  4. If I could say anything to Cody Bellinger is to ignore the “chants of MVP.” Fans can be fickle, they can turn on you as quickly as the wind. Focus on what adjustments you have done(from 2018 to 19) to get to where you are now i.e. cutting-down on your strikeouts, the .375s batting avg. and your “two-strike” approach. Continued success Cody!

    • Well said, robin. and I believe Roberts and Co. have and now will leave Bellinger in the clean up spot WHERE HE BELONGS AGAINST ALL COMERS!!!!!!!!! he has 7 HR’s against some pretty good LHP already alone.

  5. I can only find one fault with Bellinger. His bobble head doesn’t look like him. Looks like some generic white guy. Other than that, what a player!!!!!

  6. But it was all you Dodger fans bashing on Robert’s last year …. He’s not the coach the Dodgers need. Bring in somebody else. … And Friedman isn’t the right guy to run the Dodgers. I’ve been a Dodger fan all my life and I believe this could be the best Dodger team I’ve seen. That includes the Garvey cey lopes and Russell years

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