Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Talks Video Games and His OG Nintendo 64

If you were recovering from a shoulder operation, you’d probably ramp up your video game activity while you wait for the wound to heal. But with Dodgers’ slugger Cody Bellinger, we know gaming isn’t a temporary way to stave off the boredom, it’s a lifestyle. I throw to his infamous travel monitor…

Sure he plays all the latest action hits and online multi-player shooters, but, as you’d imagine, playing video games isn’t something overly new to the 25-year-old. He’s been in it for a while. Like, for a console-that-came-out-in-1996 amount of time. In a recent interview on the “Good Game Nice Try” podcast, Bellinger lit up while talking about his old school Nintendo 64.

I still have a Nintendo 64 that we’ll hop in on and play some Mario … I’ve had it since I was a kid. It’s see-through — you can see whatever’s inside it. And you’re always blowing on the [cartridge] to make it work, it’s pretty cool. I got the OG one.

Belli and host, Aaron Bleyart, also dug into the iconic N64 game “Golden Eye,” which made the 2020 World Champ laugh at how far graphics have come… since he was two years old.

Cody Bellinger Plays “Mario Kart” As Bowser – “Good Game Nice Try”

All in all, just a fun opportunity to see the LA slugger talk about something outside of baseball or outside of, in his own words, not being high during games

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Written by Clint Pasillas

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  1. It’s nice to see that Bellinger is focused on recovering from an incredibly weak 2020. Those video games should really help him. Right?

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