Dodgers Cody Bellinger with Play of the Year Candidate to Help Ryu

Much of Cody Bellinger’s season has been celebrating what he’s been doing on offense, but on Mother’s Day with his own mom, Jennifer Bellinger watching in the stands, Cody showed off his defensive skills with an amazing play.

With Hyun-Jin Ryu throwing 6 innings of no-hit baseball versus the Washington Nationals, their starting pitcher, Stephen Strasburg came up to bat and poked a line drive to right field. The thought was the no-hitter was over, but Cody came running in and gunned a throw to first that barely beat the 6’5 230 lb Nationals pitcher.

Have yourself a day, Cody!

Written by Gary Lee

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  1. A lot of fans don’t know this; but Cody has a top 5 WAR rating for defense! That is for all positions. Should be Gold Glove in Right.

  2. At this point, I am convinced that there is absolutely nothing that Cody Bellinger cannot do offensively or defensively. As far as covering right field……Yasiel who? Go Cody and Go Dodgers!

    • Yes, Bellinger’s play was fantastic! In all fairness…..I am not trying to take anything away from what Bellinger can do, I was recommending they move him to the outfield before they actually did it………But don’t tell me that was not a play Puig could not make.

      • Puig could do it too. But the fact of the matter is Bellinger did (the same thing Puig could do.) Therefore, Puig’s defense is not missed as far as I am concerned.

  3. This qoute from Ryu………..”doing what a starting pitcher should do”…………I love it!

  4. Best part of watching Ryu pitch? Why do I enjoy his games SO MUCH? He doesn’t walk people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lost in all the great things that happened in the game Sunday………..the Dodgers reverted to small ball and put multiple tools to work to score their runs. It was nice to see that they can still do it.

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