Dodgers: Corey Seager Talks Mindset of LA’s Several Upcoming Free Agents in Postseason

From a fan’s perspective, yes the optimism surrounding this year’s Dodgers team is through the roof, and rightfully so. The blue crew is only a few days removed from one of the most impressive postseason victories in the last few years against the National League juggernaut, the San Francisco Giants.

It took five games to dethrone the regular season kings of the NL, as far as record and standings are concerned. That’s all more the reason to be excited about how deep of a run the Dodgers could make this postseason. 

Despite this encouraging outlook on the team, there is still a huge offseason question that looms: What’s next? 

What’s next for notable names like Kenley Jansen, Corey Seager, and Clayton Kershaw, who are all set to become free agents after this season. Seager, the club’s all-star shortstop said the postseason, not free agency, is the team’s primary focus with a shot at back-to-back World Series titles on the line.

“I don’t know if anybody thinks about that,” Seager said when asked about any feelings towards what could potentially be the last ride in a Dodgers uniform for some of the players. “Right now, you’re just in the moment. You’re trying to figure out how to beat [the Braves] tonight, stuff like that.” 

The 2020 World Series MVP reiterated that his primary focus is on the now before what happens in the future.

“It’s never about really looking forward, it’s about today and how we win today and we’ll figure out how to win tomorrow and stuff like that,” Roberts said. 

The 27-year-old infielder has spent his entire career with the Dodgers since being drafted 12th overall in the 2012 First Year Player Draft, making two all-star appearances, winning two Silver Sluggers and the NL Rookie of the Year award. 

For his career, Seager has 11 homers, 32 RBI’s and 34 runs scored in the postseason.

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    • JimC, in 2019 in the NLDS vs the Nats, Pollock went 0-13 with 11 strikeouts! The guy had a wonderful regular season this year…but he’s an absolute disaster in the postseason! If his throw was online on Freeman’s fly-out, Rosario is out at second trying to tag-up and Dodgers win 4-2! And Trea Turner is trying to match him!

        • I’d try and re-sign Seager and move him to 3rd base. I’d also try and keep Taylor for either LF or 2nd base. Jansen, see ya’.

          Since it looks as if we have the DH upcoming next year, we could rotate ‘spa days’ thru the DH position. THEN, focus on a solid bench, not with players who pass thru waivers all the way until they reach the Dodgers to select them.

          • Seager is as good as gone. He will be in Yankee pinstripes next year playing alongside his brother to make-up the first brother left side of the infield.

        • Trea almost knocked it out of the park that last at bat. Granted he K’d three times, but at least he’s close. Batting champ gets long leash in my book. Was hoping for AJ to turn it around last night, but he’s going through it again, time to sit because there isn’t much time left.

    • T Turner is a natural lead off hitter, why is Roberts batting him 3rd?. Instead of trying to get on base, threatening to steal and distracting the pitcher, he thinks he is supposed to hit homers which is why he is in a slump. What was the point of trading for Sherzer if you are only going to use him 4-5 innings? Sherzer won’t be around next year, he will go somewhere where the manager will let him play.

  1. Being a season ticket family, and love my Boys in Blue, I’m not really sure I want to spend good money, and sit in the stands while watching the cheating Alex Cora Astros, or the cheating Alex Cora Red Sox. The Giants series was incredible, (didn’t really care for the strike three call), but… the thought of playing the Alex bunch really makes me want to wait till “next year” when we get Max, and Dustin, (hopefully), and the free agents that we will sign back, and play for the trophy then, which we will!! I’m not giving up, I’m just say’in…

    • DodgerBoy, Um sorry no. Was it boneheaded? Absolutely. That was not the only factor in losing game 1. He has had far too many clutch hits, just like in both game 1 & 2. Remember the WC game? He will definitely be re-signed.

        • Lux could possibly turn into a CT3, however he needs to first demonstrate that he can be as clutch as CT3 has been in the postseason! Freddie Freeman and Kris Bryant will both command higher $ than CT3. If you get FF what do you do with Muncy? Maybe Muncy plays 2B, Trea at SS because Seager will be a Yankee in 2022.

          Lots of tough decisions to be made this off-season for the FO that’s for certain. Many possibilities.

          • Exactly what I was thinking. Freddie at first, Muncy at second, and Trea at shortstop. You’re right, it will be interesting to see what happens during the offseason.

  2. Right now it is pretty obvious that the Braves just want it more. Dodgers need get mad, show up and take no prisoners! Simply can’t strikeout with RISP! Gotta put in play and make the Braves execute to get you out!

  3. There’s a reason you don’t use your starters out of the bullpen until game 7 of the World Series and we all know why. We are in trouble now because the starting staff has been weakened and the offense is doing its reoccurring AWOL thing. The bullpen is the only strength we have and it could easily teeter given its use. The Braves are way less tired than we are, making us look BAD.
    There are lots of lessons to be learned here but chief among them is we need to fix our problems with RISP. It’s been a reoccurring weakness for years! Front office needs to fix that without sacrificing quality in the starting pitching. But, as you know, we’ll probably sign Kershaw out of sentimentality, let Seager walk, and fool ourselves into thinking Trea can make up for the loss of offense that entails.
    BTW, our guys are missing or taking hittable pitches and swinging at pitches out of the zone. I get that we like to run the pitch count up but there’s not much sense in running up a relief pitchers count and then swinging at a pitcher’s pitch late in the count. Hard to watch!

  4. Make no mistake about it, we resign CT3. His only mistake was not continuing on to third base. Dino stopped him…. which, of course, is the most cautious move he’s made this entire season! Old “go on contact Ebel” has to share in the Game 1 loss.

    • 65yr, very insightful. I completely agree 1000%

      RISP is a real problem, unfortunately so is the defense though. Unforgivable! Dodgers should have won game 2 despite the LOB. Defense was as bad as I’ve ever seen. Somehow it gets lost by most here and I don’t know why.

  5. Seager will leave. Trea Turner will be at CF or SS. Taylor or Max Munsey will rule 2B. We need a Catcher who can reliable behind the plate and can throw out those trying to steal (if the pitchers hold runners better?). If Smith can’t meet the demands, find him a place (for his bat) at 3B,DH or 1B (if we can’t sign Freeman). Bellinger needs to change his batting woes or be traded. Justin Turner would share 3B and/or DH. The defensive catcher must be found in our system or elsewhere. We can’t afford giving free bees on the basepaths. Will Kershaw and Scherzer stay (we hope)? If not we need starting help from our system or elsewhere. The bullpen is solid and can get more. It will be a inteo Blue!

    • Your right about Seager. Here’s my idea. With the DH probably being put into effect, here is my idea of our starting lineup. Sign Freddie Freeman to play first, have Muncy at second, Trea, at shortstop, Kris Bryant at third, Pollock in left, Belli in center, Mookie in right, Smith/Barnes catching, JT as the DH, and Lux as our utility player. Just a thought. CT3 I’m almost certain will want to start everyday, which he won’t get with resigning with us. That’s why Kike and Joc left.