Dodgers: Could LA Swing a Trade for Cubs’ Kris Bryant, Craig Kimbrel, or Kyle Hendricks at Deadline?

Before the start of the season, many assumed that the Chicago Cubs would be big sellers at the deadline. Then after a surprisingly hot start, it appeared that there was a better chance that the Northsiders would be buyers instead of sellers.

Now after a rough following throwing a combined no-hitter against the Dodgers, it’s clear that the Cubs will be heading towards a complete overhaul. We discuss if the Dodgers should consider trading for Kris Bryant, Craig Kimbrel, Kyle Hendricks, and more! Plus, with A.J. Pollock having a sneaky good year, does L.A. really need to add another right-handed bat?


The perpetual-future-Dodger Bryant might not have a clear cut role at first glance. But when you’re a former MVP that’s posting an OPS over .850 (.854), they find room for you. Maybe the Dodgers look to protect themselves from Cody Bellinger’s rough offense with someone like Bryant? You never know what Andrew Friedman has under his sleeve.

One thing is certain, however, he’ll be looking to bolster the pitching staff. Whether it be by adding a starting pitcher or a lockdown reliever. Something Chicago has with Hendricks and Kimbrel.

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  1. I can’t see this FO trading for a pending Scott Boras FA. Especially one that we don’t really have a position for.
    However, I could definitely see the Dodgers kicking the tires on Kyle Hendricks. Slot him between Buehler and Urias as a nice change of pace pitcher. What would it take to get him?

  2. Really appreciating the insight, Mr. McKain. Sometimes I think our team might be .. “too stacked?” But I’m good with righting past wrongs, picking up a couple fall classics, cementing status as a dynasty. Hope all is well, maybe I’ll catch you in Chavez Ravine.