Dodgers Credits: Kershaw vs Reds, Bolsinger Recalled & More

The Dodgers snagged their first win of the homestand against the Reds in a quick 1-0 win against the Reds.

In other Dodgers news, Chase Utley ties Dodgers record, Bolsinger is recalled, and more on Dodgers Credits.

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Written by Careen Chapjian


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  1. Great, just what this team needs. Another pitcher who can barely make it through 5 innings, putting even more strain on the bullpen. What they should have done was call up someone who can actually hit the ball, and someone who could go 7 innings……whoops, no one like that is available. I think Fried Brains is a couple donuts shot of a dozen…..the pitchers the Giants signed are a combined 13-3………

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