It doesn’t take much common sense for one to realize that the Los Angeles Dodgers are faltering down the stretch of the regular season.

The Boys in Blue have only won 5 out of their last 25 games, and an overcast climate is hanging over the beautiful sunset that this team seemed like they were destined to ride into. Thankfully there’s still time left to alter these series of unfortunate events, but it’ll take a sudden change to bear resemblance on what made them successful before it’s too late.

No one enjoys losing, and it’s apparent everyone in the clubhouse understands the severity of the current circumstances. However, it’s clear that the team’s winning capability has plunged due to offensive inefficiency. Recurring bad habits, lineup changes and injuries are all justifications for losing teams-the Dodgers can’t settle for excuses at this point.

 AVG.  .265  .250  .275  .234  .212
 HITS  250  238  211  211  141
 Home Runs  34  53  35  36  21
 RUNS  159  157  107  121  61
 On-Base %  .346  .343  .353  .325  .295

Some numbers stand out more than most, but September is troublesome. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained, but the Dodgers are ranked first in strikeouts and have the lowest batting average in baseball this month. These insufficient rates have led to improper at-bats, players stranded on base in scoring position, and negative patterns that have been detrimental towards team success.

Roberts relayed a meaningful message before Wednesday night’s game in Philadelphia, but it’ll be up to the players to deliver mental toughness.

The NL West will be wrapped up this week, and they’ll certainly reach triple digit wins. So everyday till the opening game of the NLDS needs to be devoted towards regaining confidence at the plate, adjusting mechanics, figuring out a lethal batting order, getting pinch hitters enough situational reps and emphasis on taking early leads instead of playing catch-up.

They’ll be alright.

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