Dodgers: Dave Roberts Almost Guarantees 9th Straight NL West Title

Los Angeles was 8-2 in their last 10 games and capped off that record with a sweep off the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks. It seemed as if the team was finally getting on track as the club began to get healthier. Well, fast forward after a 3-game series against the San Diego Padres and the wheels seem to have fallen off. 

The Dodgers looked completely overmatched and without energy as they were swept by the Friars. They were outscored 14-7 and never held a lead throughout the whole series. The 3-game skid keeps the Dodgers 4 games out of first place in the NL West behind the Giants and just a half game ahead of the Padres. 

Despite the underperforming results the team had, Dave Roberts expressed that he believes the team has done a decent job this season considering all of the obstacles they’ve faced. He even mentioned that although they’re fighting to climb back to the top of the standings, they have plenty of time to get there.

“Certainly not where we expected to be as far as standings wise, but the win-loss, I think – all things considered I think we’re doing okay up to this point, but we still obviously got to get better at a lot of facets of the game. But it isn’t a sixty-whatever game it is season game this year. It’s one sixty two and we just got to continue to get better and I know at the end of the season I expect us to be at the top of the division.” 

The Dodgers definitely have a lot of areas they need to improve on. The list includes hitting lefties, a better performing bullpen, cutting down on strikeouts, etc. Of course, the team also needs to continue to get healthy and stay that way. Cody Bellinger has only played in 17 games this season while Corey Seager has missed most of the season and Mookie Betts just hasn’t been himself all year. 

There’s still plenty of time to right the ship, but they need to start now. A 9th straight NL West title is on the line as well as a chance to defend the World Series title.

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  1. Is it my imagination, or did we just get swept by the Padres. There’s no crying in baseball, and there’s no guarantees either. You have to beat the good teams, as well as the door mats.

  2. History is about to repeat itself 1989 baseball season is intertwined with the 2021 baseball season they came off as world champions in 1988 they just got. Eddie murray for first base were heavy favorites to repeat but instead was a heavy injury year for the team with kirk gibson hurt most of the year qith sanfransico giants went to the world series. 2021 team decimated with injuries coming off a world series championship in 2020 cody bellinger and muncy been out most of the year and team decimated with injuries they are heavy favorites to repeat and now san fransico giants leading the division yes looks like history is on the verge of repeating. itself 32 years later 1989 and 2021 intertwined together in history.

  3. Okay now, it’s almost half the season gone…..the past is the past. Now is the time to correct the mistakes, work to improve on weakness’s, and visualize playing winning baseball. The talents are there to shine…..just have the confidence to perform and come through in big situations. Be tough—-Be aggressive——Play smart.

      • It’s impossible for Roberts to manage smart as long as he can’t acknowledge the truth. The truth in this case is that the Dodgers really stink right now and are playing like they’re getting paid to lose. Did they really just have a hitless game by the Cubbies? It’s hard to imagine they actually won a WS last year. They are really playing bad, aren’t they? Sure, they beat up on really bad teams and then come home collapse against tougher competition.

        Baseball is as much a mental game as anything else. If they are going to win the National League West pennant they’re going to have to start getting more mentally tough than they are now. Otherwise, we all should start preparing ourselves for the inevitable outcome this October when the Dodgers are watching the playoffs from their easy chairs at home instead of their dugout during a playoff game. Unfortunately, that change to a winning attitude has to come from Dave Roberts and I’m not sure he’s capable of making that happen. based on the kinds of judgements he’s made in the past I’m not sure he’s aware of the kinds of changes need to be made to infuse a more positive outlook among the players. To say they will win the pennant after his team didn’t get a hit is to be living in LaLa Land. Not reality.

  4. We we are still the defending World Series Champions. So what is different this year. Everything! Other teams have got a little better, because you only will get better playing a great team like ourselves. You won’t get better playing a team that is below 500 in the standings, but by playing a team like the Padres or the Giants. The San Diego team was refreshing as we can see what adjustment are needed. So I am sure everyone got a little better. No team has better pitching than the Dodgers. The bullpen well it need work a little

  5. Dave Roberts better wake up! Is he in denial? Does he believe this 2021 team who just got swept by the Pads! Not only out played them in pitching and defense and offense but most of all out managed them and out coached them period!
    I watched all three games and the Pads were better prepared in pitching, defense and offense then the LA Dodgers not only that the players wanted to Win! Every coaches and manager was on board!
    For example when the Pads got on first base either by walk or a base hit they didn’t wait for the next batter to move them to second base they stole second base putting pressure on the starting pitcher that cause them to lose their rhythm and causing them to make mistakes by missing their location and giving up the long ball.
    Dave Roberts manages way to conservative never thinking out the box and not finding ways to Win!
    If Andrew Friedman and Front office don’t get him to changed his way of managing they will not win their 9th straight NL West Title.

  6. Bandwagon fans out in full force. Citing usual criticisms from the manager to the players to some stupid gnat fan’s troll. Heh guys – listen up – Doc is right – we get everyone back healthy, and pulling together and we win the division – again. Lots of games left with the gnats and pods. The marathon is not even half over. We got this. Rollercoaster!!

  7. Dave Roberts has been just LUCKY.. and guess waht his LUCK has ran out… I have shouted for 3 years to get rid of him.. and here he is still mangering..and losing… he can’t manage and never could.. time for front office to see this

  8. There it is.
    I guess we are all in agreement. The Dodgers have been LUCKY SO FAR!!! And unless they get rid of Roberts and find someone more capable of managing, say goodbye to a 9th division win. The Padres and Giants will beat them anyway.