Dodgers: Dave Roberts Compliments Cody Bellinger Following More Offensive Records

We get it – Cody Bellinger is getting a ton of run time – all while seemingly having the greatest month of baseball ever known. Everyone is talking about Bellinger – and after setting a few more records – Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts has joined in.

Therefore, when Bellinger set another record on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Pirates; Roberts answered the bell with a great quote.

Furthermore, the last time Roberts talked about golf clubs was when the Dodgers were on a long losing streak. This is a lot better occasion to bring out the driver, Dave.

“Whether it’s a lefty or it’s a righty, there’s a time to get big and try to go for the big homer and really drive the baseball, and there’s also a time to use another club,” Roberts said. “Right now, Cody has different clubs.”

If you have been watching, you have seen what Bellinger’s manager is referencing. While everyone loves seeing the tape-measure home runs – Bellinger has shown the ability to shorten his swing against a tough left-handed reliever and win the at-bat. On Sunday, Bellinger punched a hit through the right side against Francisco Liriano. Then on Monday night, Bellinger did the same thing against Tony Watson of the Giants.

It’s all part of a multi-faceted approach that has Bellinger on an MVP and record-setting pace.

As for Bellinger, he’s simply staying even-keel and taking what the pitcher gives him. It’s refreshing to hear him calmly talk about the success he’s having.

“I don’t feel any pressure,” Bellinger said. “We’ve got a lineup that’s really good. If I’m not going to get it done, then someone else will. Just trying to stay within myself every day.”

Truly, if Bellinger continues this approach and attitude towards each day; there’s no reason to think we aren’t looking at a .300 hitter. Equally important, he should have some accolades to add to his resumé at the end of year.

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  1. If Bellinger continues at this torrid rate, opposing teams will stop pitching strikes to him, hoping he will get frustrated and swing at pitches outside of the strike zone. C’mon guys, Turner, Seager, Muncy, Pollack(when he gets back from IL) time to step-it-up and protect Bellinger!!

    • They already have stopped pitching to him……… the game last night the Giants pitched around him (think it was his last at bat) in the 8th, against Moronta…….he ended up walking. Problem is we really don’t have anyone to hitting well enough behind him to protect him. Most everyone is kinda blah right now……….I would try Verdugo @ this point because I don’t want to move Turner or Seager, but there really is not much to choose from with Pollock injured.

  2. Look at Bollingers physique. Tall and thin like the guy who hit 400 for the red sox.. Is this a reincarnation or am I just deeaming?

  3. Last night during the game the Giant announcers talked about Bellinger, on screen was a graphic showing all the offensive catagories that Cody now leads the ENTIRE major leagues in……… was an impressive list………..he led in hits, average, homers, RBI’s, OBP, slugging, OPS and several others……..anyway, one of the Giant announcers (Duane Kuiper) said “looking at that list, who should be the MVP of the National League right now?”, the other announcer was Mike Krukow, his answer to the question……….”Christian Yelich”………..

      • Hey Clint!……….You know how I have been railing about the media all touting Yelich but only mentioning Bellinger as an after thought. So you can only imagine how my blood pressure bumped up when Krukow responded to the question………he was probably trying to be funny, but like most jokes, it’s always funnier if the joke has some truth to it. If they held the MVP voting right now, I have no doubt the the media would give it to Yelich. Remember Matt Kemp and Lyin’ Ryan?

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