Dodgers: Dave Roberts’ Health Update on Cody Bellinger After Surgery

The Dodgers faced a bit of a scare during the playoffs when Cody Bellinger went down with an injury. After hitting a HUGE homerun for LA in Game 7 of the NCLS, Bellinger dislocated his shoulder during the celebration. He ended up wearing a brace for the World Series and looked pretty hampered at the plate at times. 

When the season was over, Bellinger went it for surgery to correct the issue that has apparently plagued him for years. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke to media members on Thursday and updated everyone on the status of Cody heading into 2021. As expected, Doc does not see a need for Bellinger to move back to first base due to the injury. 

He’s doing really well. Kind of rehabbing at Camelback Ranch and honestly once it happened in the postseason, I was just afraid he couldn’t play in the days following. Right now, he’s recovering well ahead of schedule. What that means I really don’t know right now. I think for me, for him to be ready to kind of be somewhat active once we start Spring Training, that’s kind of the hope…It won’t change his position. I just don’t see how he won’t be our centerfielder. 

Bellinger has posted a few updates since having the surgery, and Roberts seems to believe he will be on schedule. If Bellinger can be ready for baseball activity by the time Spring Training rolls around, there is no reason to expect him to not be ready for the Dodgers Opening Day. 

Other Dodgers Updates

Dave Roberts further solidified Andrew Friedman’s comments by saying that they would still like to add a right-handed bat. Friedman had said on Wednesday night that it does NOT have to be a third baseman since they have some options there in-house. 

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  1. The thing about Bellinger is that he seems to need time in the offseason to fine tune his swing. Such preparation led to his MVP season. So this year with his shoulder fixed he can return to his proper swing, un impeded by his bum shoulder. But will he have the strength and time before the season to perfect that beautiful swing of his. I hope so, but we have seen that players returning from surgery don’t return to full strength until they have that full offseason to strengthen and heal – alla Corey Seager.

    • Bellinger worked hard on tweaking his swing before the 2020 season, and he totally messed it up. Maybe it’s better if he can’t work on his swing. My suggestion would be that while he rehabs he should watch video of his swing from the first 2 months of the 2019 season, and perhaps attend the Mookie Betts Academy of Hitting. It worked for Barnes.

  2. Cody Bellinger’s swing will never be the same again. Look for his power to drop to 15 homeruns over 600 AB in 2021. His swing requires so much torque with a shoulder that had dislocated 3 times spells doomsday for his power. Remember when Cody first came up in 2017 his homeruns always had that loud “pop” sound? That was generated from the torque. And that sound was nowhere to be heard last year. His situatuon is very similar to Shaq. In his younger days Shaq used to have those monster two handed tomahawk slams. Then in 1998 Shaq injured his abdomen he could no longer performed the two handed tomahawk slams, eventually Shaq switched to the single handed vertical slam. Cody will still be a descent playerb I see him becoming more like a Paul Molitor type player without the homeruns.