Dodgers: Dave Roberts Knows Exactly How His Guys Will Spend Free Time in Hotels

As expected, Dodgers players came prepared for Houston.

The Dodgers are headed out to Houston in what will be their first road trip of this strange year. While they’re there, the guys are going to have to find ways to spend free time at the hotel.

With everything going on, the team knows that doing something outside of the hotel is out of the question. Dodgers players will strictly spend their time at the field and then right back at the hotel for the few days they are there.

Dodgers catcher Will Smith already revealed that most of the guys would likely spend time playing video games. That was already confirmed by Dave Roberts in a press conference, but also when the team landed in Houston. It seemed like every guy that got off of the plane was carrying some sort of monitor or screen for gaming. 

With the outbreak of COVID within the league, the team has already discussed the need to limit contact as much as possible. Roberts revealed that the team would be getting prepacked meals on the plane as well as at the hotels to limit interaction. The Dodgers will also have to head from Houston to Arizona for a four-game series there. 

Doc’s Gaming Preferences

Interestingly enough, we got to find out a little bit of information about the Dodgers’ manager. Roberts was asked if there was a preference in his gaming in the conversations about downtime. 

For what I’ve heard, I would probably be a Call of Duty guy. Fortnite, there’s a little bit more to it in the strategies, Call of Duty is a little bit easier to play I think. So I think that my attention to something like that probably leans towards the Call of Duty I guess.

There you have it folks, Dave Roberts is a fan of Call of Duty. That’s every bit of information that I’ve ever needed to know about Doc’s gaming preferences and then some. 

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