Dodgers: Dave Roberts Makes His Case for Walker Buehler’s Cy Young Campaign

With all of the injuries to the rotation this year, one man has held down the fort all season. That man is of course Walker Buehler. He’s made every start this year and is one of the biggest reasons why the Dodgers have been able to keep pace with the Giants in the division. Dodgers fans know all too well just how elite he can be, but now the rest of the league is being put on notice.

Buehler is a man of few words who’d rather let his performance do the talking, and they certainly have. He’s set himself up nicely to be one of the top candidates for this year’s Cy Young award, especially with Jacob deGrom being sidelined with an injury. He’s more than capable of capturing the award himself, but that didn’t stop Dave Roberts for helping push his case. 

“I think Cy Young when you’re talking about being able to post mixed starts for a championship team we’ll see – in my opinion the best team in baseball. The quality starts, I think every start that he’s made has been a quality start except the one. You look at the quality of opponents that he’s faced and that’s certainly gotta be layered in. When you’re talking about the number one pitcher who’s been here all year on the best team, that should have its case.”

Dave is certainly right to call Buehler one of the best if not the best pitcher this year aside from deGrom. He leads all qualified pitchers in ERA with a 2.11, he’s third in Wins Above Replacement for pitchers, he’s tied for second in wins, tied for second in innings pitched, tied for fifth in strikeouts, and the list goes on. In 25 starts this year, he’s pitched in 6 innings or more in all but 1. Being able to do that against a handful of high powered offenses is incredible. 

Buehler has already established himself as a big game pitcher so far in his young career with many playoff moments already under his belt. Yet, it’s his ability to bring that mentality and big moment stuff into the random mid-June starts that has really helped his growth into a top arm in the league. It’s very possible that he could wind up being the clear choice, he just needs to continue to shine. 

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Written by Adam Salcido


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  1. I doubt Buehler has a chance to win the award because of Dave Roberts. Roberts wants every member of the bullpen to make 70+ appearances. If Buehler were pitching a perfect game I’m sure Mr. Analytics would pull him.

  2. Here we go again Roberts always making a case for Cy Young award for his pitchers! Ok this one I have to agree maybe. But I hate how he tries to make a case for every one of his player to be Cy Young, MVP, etc and complain of east coast biased. Like he’s not being Dodger biased? Just stop it already Roberts!

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