Dodgers’ Dave Roberts On His Frustration With Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig ended Saturday’s game against the Giants a little bit early by being thrown out trying to steal second base. Dave Roberts was not happy about it because he went on his own.

A frustrated Dave Roberts decided to bench Puig on Sunday and told reporters his thoughts on the matter before the game.

Puig’s decision to steal second base on his own is a pretty big decision to make, especially in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and the winning run at the plate. Roberts mentioned that he needs to trust his players and that Puig’s benching is related to more than one incident, which is pretty concerning to hear so late in the season.

Yasiel Puig has always carried a narrative of having great talent and potential, but lacking in maturity. This was especially apparent in 2016 when the Dodgers decided to send him down to triple-A late in the season; however, it seemed like that narrative was behind him this year. Sure, he still makes catching a major league fly ball look way too casual and base-running has always been a bit of an issue, but Puig’s 2017 season has been so promising!

Yasiel Puig has a slash line of .259/.339/.474, 26 home runs (2nd on the team), and has consistently been in the conversation for the Gold Glove Award. He’s having such a great year that it’s pretty heartbreaking to hear Roberts’ frustration with him, especially with the regular season being over in just about a week. Dave Roberts’ emphasis on trust is most troubling because there is definitely not enough time left before the postseason to rebuild his trust in Puig.

Dave Roberts went into further detail in the video below and it’s almost uncomfortable to watch how annoyed and frustrated he sounds when discussing Yasiel Puig.

Hopefully Yasiel Puig can show Dave Roberts that he can be trusted soon because the Dodgers will need his bat and elite defense in October.

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    • ridiculous to bench him. Yes he should have slid. Trying to steal in that situation seems fine, you don’t just steal when the time is meaningless. If they didn’t want him to attempt they should have given him a don’t steal sign which apparently they have. He obviously was afraid to slide which means he shouldn’t until he gets that straigtened out but if he goes head first he will be yelled at for that. I’ve witnessed other baserunning blunders this year far worse than Puig’s and not a word was said let alone a benching.

  1. And I’m frustrated with Roberts never (rarely) ever having any batter except pitchers sacrifice with no outs and a runner on first in an effort to generate a run. If he had Culberson bunt the runner over early in the game he would have scored and early run. Instead Culberson hits into a DP before the next guy got what would have been an RBI.

  2. Puig always has been a “work in progress”, and his latest non-approved failed stealing attempt is no exception. He’s having his best year IMO both offensively and defensively, which makes it especially frustrating when his lack of maturity rears its ugly head. I recall earlier in the season while playing right field he made a somewhat routine fly ball catch, and thinking it was the third out, he tossed the ball into the stands. Well, it wasn’t the third out and the base runner advanced. He needs to focus more which may only come with future maturity. Still a “work in progress “.

  3. Never, never, never should have been moved up from the 8th spot. And although Puig was wrong to attempt the steal, at least he was trying to do something. Sitting around waiting for the 3 run homer is obviously not working.

  4. Robert’s need to be benched and have sometime talk some sense into him. Talk about hypocrisy!! If Robert’s wants to win then he needs to put in a winning line up. Farmer cost us that game, I was there at the stadium. The line up was – we’ve clinched so this game doesn’t matter. Robert’s needs to man up and take responsibility!!

  5. I think Roberts blew this out of proportion. How many times has that slower than molasses Grandal been thrown out by 5 or more feet trying to take the extra base? I think you could almost call his gate a waddle.
    Puig makes so many great plays in right field that a base running mistake or two I can let slide. As long as it’s once in a blue moon, big deal…

  6. 1) Larry Walker famously gave an in-play ball to a youngster at Dodger Stadium, and nobody used his mistake as an example of his ‘immaturity’.
    2) Puig sometimes looks nonchalant catching the ball in RF. Much like Mike Schmidt sometimes was accused of not giving his all by Phillies fans. Sometimes an athlete is that good in the field that what looks like lesser effort is actually their immense talent showing itself.
    3) Dave Roberts has frustrated me much more than Yasiel Puig has this season. He seems to make moves with his bullpen which make no sense. Some pitchers are pulled after giving up an infield hit, and others are trusted when they are not pitching well enough to get the other side out.