Yasiel Puig ended Saturday’s game against the Giants a little bit early by being thrown out trying to steal second base. Dave Roberts was not happy about it because he went on his own.

A frustrated Dave Roberts decided to bench Puig on Sunday and told reporters his thoughts on the matter before the game.

Puig’s decision to steal second base on his own is a pretty big decision to make, especially in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and the winning run at the plate. Roberts mentioned that he needs to trust his players and that Puig’s benching is related to more than one incident, which is pretty concerning to hear so late in the season.

Yasiel Puig has always carried a narrative of having great talent and potential, but lacking in maturity. This was especially apparent in 2016 when the Dodgers decided to send him down to triple-A late in the season; however, it seemed like that narrative was behind him this year. Sure, he still makes catching a major league fly ball look way too casual and base-running has always been a bit of an issue, but Puig’s 2017 season has been so promising!

Yasiel Puig has a slash line of .259/.339/.474, 26 home runs (2nd on the team), and has consistently been in the conversation for the Gold Glove Award. He’s having such a great year that it’s pretty heartbreaking to hear Roberts’ frustration with him, especially with the regular season being over in just about a week. Dave Roberts’ emphasis on trust is most troubling because there is definitely not enough time left before the postseason to rebuild his trust in Puig.

Dave Roberts went into further detail in the video below and it’s almost uncomfortable to watch how annoyed and frustrated he sounds when discussing Yasiel Puig.

Hopefully Yasiel Puig can show Dave Roberts that he can be trusted soon because the Dodgers will need his bat and elite defense in October.

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