Dodgers’ Dave Roberts On Tommy Lasorda’s Message, Cody Bellinger, And More

Alright everybody, the time has finally come. Game 7 of the World Series is here and a team will be crowned champions before the night is over. The pressure is on for Dave Roberts and the Dodgers, and Tommy Lasorda made sure that Roberts was aware of that.

This is what Tommy Lasorda told Dave Roberts on Tuesday after the victory:

One last time, let’s hear what Dave Roberts told the media before Wednesday’s game!

Dave Roberts on trying to make sure that the day feels like any other day:

For me it’s been pretty much the same thing. Just going around the clubhouse making sure guys are in the right mind-frame, preparing for tonight, understanding who’s available in the pen… And in the clubhouse it’s been good, listening to some Bob Marley.

Dave Roberts on Cody Bellinger’s recent at-bats:

I think that even last night he punched three, four times, but I thought that there were still some good swings mixed in there… With two strikes I think that he was trying to shorten up and it does look a little awkward… But I still think that with Cody in the batter’s box he’s going to be fine and you got to keep running him out there. The defense is elite and in the batter’s box he’s still a threat.

Dave Roberts on the team and going into Game7 of the World Series:

This is what you put your heart and soul into to be a champion and the champions are remembered. So we have an opportunity that we’re clearly aware of and I know that we have the players, the people to do this. So I think for me, for our guys, it’s been talked about all year… I just know that our guys are prepared for this moment in every way.

Dave Roberts on Tommy’s message to him yesterday:

I’ve heard it all year and I think that it’s great. It’s Tommy’s words of encouragement. I think that for us we want a championship. We’re not done yet.

Dave Roberts on living in the moment and moving past yesterday:

Yeah, I think that that’s a very important component to a champion. To be able to sustain success and failure. We’ve had a lot of that… We do a very good job of that and that’s the reason that we’re here.

Listen to everything else Dave Roberts had to say below!

Are you ready for Game 7 of the World Series? Because I’m definitely not! Let us know your predictions in the comments below!

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  1. Where have I heard that before regarding Roberts comment “…and you got to keep running him out there”, referring to Cody Bellinger and his everlasting propensity with swinging for the fence at every at bat? Baez maybe, and look where that got him? Cody struck out 17 times in this series, a new MLB record (but not the kinda record everyone had hoped for). Today’s players do two things at the plate consistently: 1. They all swing for the fence. Only the HR matters. They don’t know how to play “small ball” when the situation calls for it. 2. When they do finally connect for the long ball, they stand there admiring their achievement, then do the bat flip, then pound their chest before they even begin to take a step towards first base. Sad. I don’t remember any coach at any level telling them to do those things. They all need to watch Charlie Hustle and Chris Taylor and Chase Utley…they are the hustlers, they play the game correctly. When will they learn? Probably never.