Dodgers: Dave Roberts Selects His Leadoff Hitter

Doc knows who will bat first on Opening Day.

The Dodgers’ new-look roster brings a whole slate of possibilities. Adding Freddie Freeman into the lineup means that Dave Roberts has some room to play with things defensively, and he also has the chance to mix things up in the batting order. 

But with Freeman also comes some question marks. Doc already said earlier this week that he would likely hit in the 2 or 3 spot for most of the season. The Dodgers had gone with Trea Turner and Mookie Betts at the top of the order for most of the second-half last year. So there’s a strong possibility that things will be changing. 

So if Freddie does bat second, who does Roberts go with in the leadoff spot? The Dodgers skipper spoke about it after the tie in Scottsdale against the Rockies on Thursday, and it sounds like he has his choice. 

“I think if you look at Trea and Mookie — which I think that they’re interchangeable as far as first, second and third [spot in order], with Freddie [Freeman] obviously mixed in there — Mookie feels considerably more comfortable in the [leadoff spot].”

Mookie hit in the leadoff spot 104 times last season. He hit .272 from that spot and only started in the third spot in 12 games. He was far less successful in that role. Trea Turner hit leadoff 72 times between the Dodgers and Nats, hitting .315 from that spot. He was crazy successful out of the three spot though, putting up a 1.028 OPS. 

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So that settles it. Expect to see the Dodgers going with Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, and Trea Turner to start the season in Colorado. That order won’t be permanent for the year, but the numbers don’t lie, and Doc will always go by them. 

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