Dodgers: Dave Roberts Speaks About Dustin May’s Debut

Dustin May made his Major League debut tonight, against the San Diego Padres.

Dodgers right-handed pitcher Dustin May made his Major League debut tonight at Dodger Stadium on Friday night against the San Diego Padres. With his debut came anticipation. May is the Dodgers number 2 prospect, and ranked 8th in all of baseball, per FanGraphs Prospects.

The Dodgers ultimately lost the game 5-2 as the offense struggled against Padre lefty Eric Lauer.

Following the loss, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke about May’s debut outing, and what we saw:

“I thought Dustin really held his composure, kept his composure, that first inning, second inning, there was some traffic. First inning he got out of the first inning with a double play. Second inning, we didn’t make that play, that fielders choice that turned in to be an error, but limited damage, and then he really got into a groove, was more efficient.

He got his pitch count back on line, and I thought the sinker was really good, I know he was excited. Working behind a little bit, I think the ball was running a lot more then he might have expected, but harness in the middle of the innings, a cutter, got really good in the middle innings, and I just felt that last inning, his pitch count was right where it needed to be, and I just thought he had a good chance to get out of it.”

When asked if May will get another start, Roberts said:

“Yeah, he will make his next start against the Cardinals, and we’ll go from there. But it was fun to see him really keep his composure throughout that start.”

In his debut game, Dustin pitched for 5.2 innings, allowing 4 runs, on 9 hits, while recording 3 strikeouts. He walked 0 batters and threw 97 pitches. 64 of the 97 pitches were strikes.

The first batter he faced was Fernando Tatis Jr., and Tatis Jr. grounded out. May’s first matchup against former Dodger shortstop, Manny Machado, ended with Machado grounding into a double play, and May finished the first inning, allowing just one hit, and threw 13 pitches.

May’s first career strikeout in the Major Leagues came in the second inning against Hunter Renfroe.

He gave up one earned run through five innings. But in the sixth inning, however, he ran into some trouble. He allowed 3 runs in the frame and was chased losing 4-2. He will learn from this performance and make adjustments. May is a unique talent, and he is only going to build from tonight’s game, and get better. He is going to be a great pitcher for years to come.

Written by Levon Satamian

My name is Levon Satamian. I am currently attending Cal State Northridge, and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.


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  1. Roberts blows it yet again:

    – Should have taken the stressed rookie May out after five solid innings, he had enough innings for a W and would have felt great about his debut; but Roberts certainly should have taken him out quickly after the wobbly start of the 6th, the Padre rally should never have happened.
    – And why wasn’t Verdugo in center field to grab that double?
    – Why was Negron playing shallow Little League depth in center anyway, the ball would have been caught, at normal depth a simple run back & catch.
    – Why was the unproductive big man Tyler White leading off? That’s just comical.
    – And why must there be a different batting order every game? Players statistically hit better in a set batting order.

    Roberts seems like a nice guy and talks nice to the press, but man is he incompetent in the field. Over & over, day after day. Imagine the Dodger record with a different, more competent manager.

  2. Oddly enough, for a guy with an alleged quick hook, it appeared that Roberts left May in one inning too many. But overall, May looked pretty good.

    • Indeed. And then when May obviously tired in the 6th Roberts failed to pull him until the Dodgers were behind. Roberts ability as manager has always been suspect.
      – Why was unproductive big man Tyler White in the leadoff spot? Like wow!
      – Why wasn’t Verdugo in center field, he would have ran down that double.
      – Why was Negron playing ridiculously shallow in center?
      – Why does the batting order change every game, players statistically hit better when there is consistency to the order.
      – Well at least the Pederson at first base joke is over, we hope.

      Dave Roberts, nice guy, poor on field manager.

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