Dodgers: Dave Roberts Speaks Out on Bullying and Violence Against Asian Americans

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is not the type to remain silent on things that he is passionate about. That was demonstrated this past season when players chose to sit out games in protest of racial injustices across the country. 

Now Roberts is once again speaking up, this time agist the violence and discrimination against Asian-Americans in the country. Roberts is the of a Japanese mother and felt compelled to say something, encouraged partly by a post from professional basketball player Jeremy Lin. 

Speaking with The Athletic, the Dodgers manager revealed an email that he sent out to his organization. That email was meant to denounce the bullying and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. 

I have just come to a peace about speaking out about things that I believe are right. And this particular situation towards Asians, Asian Americans, is something that obviously affects me personally, having a mother from Okinawa, Japan. Seeing what’s going on in our country, I just felt that I wanted to internally put something together for our organization, showing my support toward Asian Americans in our organization and acknowledge what’s going in our country and around the world that I just don’t believe is right.

Those looking to learn more about Roberts’ email and the Dodgers’ response should follow up via The Athletic. Please be kind to one another, the world needs it now more than ever. 

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