Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Cody Bellinger Changes at the Plate

Could Cody Ballgame be heating up at the right time?

We’ve said it time and time again, 2020 has been unkind to a lot of us. This time we’re focusing on the added unkindness that has followed Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger around for most of the MLB season.

Cody, coming off of an MVP season in 2019, has cratered in 2020. However, a recent uptick in production has fans feeling hopeful at just the right time. The same could be said of manager Dave Roberts. After a 3-5 breakout performance by Belli on Friday night, Doc talked about some changes the fourth-year player has been working through.

I think he’s gotten off the plate a little bit — given himself more room. And also the hitting guys have got him with a little bit more knee flexion, getting into his legs a little bit more. But outside of that, those two things and I think there might be some more things, right now you can see the confidence brewing.

Notably, Bellinger has made a handful of changes at the plate already this year. The chatter started in summer camp and has continued every few weeks of this shortened season. The outfielder/first baseman has had some notable hot streaks but usually falls back into bad habits after a week or two.

With that, the league has capitalized. Moreover, ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney recently spoke with about Bellinger’s struggles in 2020. The verdict being several evaluators feeling Cody was standing too close to the plate. This is even a point of topic the Dodgers’ broadcast team has noticed in games.

Now with Belli stepping back a few inches, and the added focus on the lower body, things could be lining up for the 25-year-old at the right time. Over his last 8 games, he’s collected 10 hits in 31 at-bats (.323). While the power has been slow to return — he hit his first home run of September on Friday — the approach is much more important for the Dodgers heading into the postseason in less than two weeks time.

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  1. Many of us that comment here are on the mark when we see something or suggest something, question things that happen on the field. I wish some of these thoughts would be passed down to the Manager and coaches so they can sort of see what we see.