Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Plans with Struggling Max Muncy

2020 hasn’t been kind to a lot of us, but you can add Dodgers infielder Max Muncy to that ledger for an added reason. Coming off back to back 35 home run seasons and fresh off an offseason contract extension, Muncy has struggled for the majority of the short season.

Moreover, that struggle has bled into visible frustration for America’s Slugger which has absolutely caught the attention of most Dodgers fans. Especially over the last few games.

Ahead of Monday night’s 7-2 loss in San Diego, manager Dave Roberts talked a bit about where Muncy’s headspace lies in the final stretch of the season.

I think that Max is grinding. The frustration part of it is that he hasn’t had his swing mechanics consistent for any extended period of time this season, so I think that’s the frustrating part.

Roberts was spotted embracing and giving Mad Max a pep talk over the weekend. A conversation he said was to let Muncy know he has confidence in him and to not worry about chasing numbers. As has been heard frequently with the Dodgers this season, the idea of good at-bats and “the process” are more important to the LA coaching staff.

Giving Max a Day

With that said, it’s pretty easy to tell — especially after Monday night — that Muncy is inching closer to a literal mad Max. The infielder has been seen arguing with umpires more frequently than usual; his offensive struggles perhaps starting to leak over on the defensive side of the ball. In short, Max needs a break.

Dave agreed.

I do see here, in the next three or four days, I can see him getting a day off — just getting a blow to watch a baseball game. But he’s doing great. It’s a grind, it’s a different season, but I have all the confidence that it’ll show itself in the postseason the way it’s supposed to.

Get you a manager that believes in you the way Dave Roberts believes in his guys, that’s all I can say here.

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  1. Muncy is having a bad year offensively so has Pederson and Bellinger. It is amazing the Dodgers have the record that they do.
    The Dodgers live and die by the home run or lack thereof.
    In tight games and scoring situations they still attempt to pull the ball into the shift it is mind-boggling.

  2. I managed many a game and believed in my teams all the time but once in a while it happens and you gotta pull somebody out f the equation. For reasons you just can’t do anything about no matter where in the lineup, where defensively, it has to be done. You give enough rope to someone to pull himself out but ends up hanging himself. Sorry, hope he figures it out, I’ll pray.

  3. The struggles by Max, Joc and Bellinger are magnified due to a very short 60 game season. If it were part of a full 163 game season there would thus be 102 games left to turn things around which would be very possible. But this year, there’s not that kind of time to turn things around. As we post there’s only 11 games left in regular season.

  4. Muncy, relax—- you look tight and tense at bat. I know the feeling when pressing, you want to do good, For now focus on location and pitch and barrel up the middle or left- center gap, forget about pulling everything. I know you’re getting some bad calls on strikes, so you end up confused and start chasing. They’re pitching you away so go with the pitch and barrel line drives or hard hits thru holes from the shift. The drastic shifts are playing with your head where you want to jack it over making you confused and hesitant to pull the trigger on outside pitches and change-ups. Even drawing walks is productive where basrunners are premium in the playoffs. I have faith you will turn it around soon. Trust yourself and talent to hit!

  5. Not only his offense, but his defense his been less than stellar of late.

    Since Max, Joc and Belli are having a hard time getting to or keeping a .200 BA, I cannot understand why they do not lay down hard bunts to defeat the shift. That would not only increase BA and help the team but also force the defense to play a more balanced defense.

    When wants to reduce the pain while hitting one’s head against a wall, the best way to stop the pain is to quit doing that.

    • It’s called an ego trip. They think they are above bunting a ball to beat the shift. I sometimes think it is one of the unwritten rules not to bunt to beat the shift because nobody does it. The art of the bunt has left the game. Also if you look at the career avg of Pederson(230),Muncy(238) and Belli, except for a 45 span of last year a 260 hitter, what do you expect. Dodgers depend on the long ball way too much because they have a manager who can not manufacture a run in his dreams.

  6. Totally disgusted with all 3 of them. to me looks like Bell will never come back to his MVP season. Max look terrible in SD first game ball hit to him at first all he had to do and run batter down and catch Profar in rundown.