Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thinks ‘Egos’ to Blame for Extended Lockout

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has enjoyed an amicable relationship with the LA media through much of his tenure at the helm. Just hours after the news broke about a new CBA being completed, Roberts did an interview on AM570’s Petros & Money Show with the two co-hosts plus Dodgers reporter David Vassegh to talk about the exciting development. 

“When you’re talking about negotiations and you’re talking about the business, which you, myself, and everyone who’s not in the room doesn’t understand all the particulars… but for both sides, to check their egos and understand that baseball is going to be here when we’re long gone. We’re facilitators of the game. Ultimately, to come to an agreement and get this thing moving forward, is a good thing”.

Roberts also expressed how much the lockout ending means to fans, and not just the players.

“I’m just so happy that a deal finally got done and we can finally get back to the rhythm of baseball. I’m excited for our players, but most importantly, I’m excited for the fans.”

This coming season is Doc’s final year under contract with the Dodgers, but the skipper is confident that a deal will get done.

More importantly, the Dodgers front office must now navigate the free agency maelstrom while simultaneously building out their Opening Day roster. Roberts mentioned that Friedman, Gomes, and the Dodgers staff will be ready to hit the ground running.

He wasn’t asked, but it’s safe to say that Roberts would love to see Clayton Kershaw back in Dodger blue. The legendary pitcher is currently a free agent along with former teammates Kenley Jansen, and Joe Kelly – just to name a few. Now that the lockout is over, those players are free to negotiate new contracts.

Not to mention, Roberts and the Dodgers would probably like to strengthen the starting rotation beyond re-signing Kershaw.

There’s also a free agent first baseman named Freddie Freeman who might be worth a phone call.

Roberts, Friedman, Gomes, and the Dodgers organization have a lot of work to do, but the hardest part is already done. 

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  1. That is one and ONLY one thing, Torre did well was to keep the egos in check, especially in NY. But unlike you, Roberts, who plays Mr. Nice-Guy 24/7. Question for DR: “While you say, but most importantly, I’m excited for the fans,” do you still slam so-called haters, for calling LA failures???” For that matter, I consider you a failure.