Dodgers: David Freese Discusses Clutch, Tie-Breaking Home Run in Philly

Freese has been nails for the Dodgers all season long.

Dodgers first baseman David Freese discussed his tie-breaking home run with Alanna Rizzo after Wednesday’s late night affair with the Philadelphia Phillies that resulted in a 7-2 victory.


When asked about his approach before he hit the opposite-field blast and the impact of Justin Turner, Freese had this to say:

Just trying to hit something hard…maybe get it in the air in a good park to do that in. Having JT kind of getting the night off and then coming in late to spread it out a little bit. Today was a weird day and weird night and we needed that from him.

Weird Series

When asked about just how weird this series has been in Philadelphia and if he ever thought the series was going to end, he responded:

Once it stopped raining, we were like ‘we will get this one in’ and we even brought our luggage here [the ballpark]. We are just going to stay here tonight. I’m sleeping.


Despite struggling through knee issues, David Freese, 35, has been everything the Dodgers have asked of him this season, posting an elite 157 wRC+ on the year.

Written by Daniel Preciado

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